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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
Reducing Risks of Aquatic Animal Disease Outbreaks
-->The pond has to be wet to check if the pond bottom is dirty. If your pond is dry get your pond bottom wet for at least 3 days. If your pond is full, drain it almost completely

  • --> -->Check if the soil is black or smells bad. If the soil is black or smells it means that the pond bottom is dirty
  • Remove as much as
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    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    About ULTRA ISO

    UltraISO is a CD image file creating/editing/converting tool, it can directly edit the CD image file and extract files and folders from it, as well as make ISO files from your CD-ROM or hard disk. At the same time, you can maintain the ISO bootable information, thus creating your own bootable CDs. With UltraISO, you now have the power to make and edit your own ISO files, and then burn them
    to CD for your own needs.

    UltraISO runs on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating system.

    UltraISO can:

    1. Duplicate disc to ISO file from CD-ROM.
    2. Build file on hard disk, CD-ROM, net drive to one ISO file.
    3. Extract files from ISO file.
    4. Edit ISO file in many format (such as Nero burning ROM, Easy CD Creator, CDRWin, CloneCD, BlindWrite, etc.).
    5. Make bootable ISO file.
    6. Create/Edit Audio CD image.

    Some details:

    1. Can directly edit the ISO image file.
    2. Can directly extract files and folders from ISO image file
    3. Can add / delete /create new directory /rename ISO file image content.
    4. Can make ISO file from hard disk document.
    5. Can create CD image from CD-ROM, maintain bootable information.
    6. Can process the compact disc boot information, you can directly add/remove/extract boot image of the ISO image.
    7. Supports nearly all known CD image file formats (.ISO, .BIN, .IMG, .CIF,.NRG, .BWI and so on) , and converts them to the standard ISO form image.
    8. May directly set the file/folder to hidden attribute
    9. Supports ISO 9660 Level1/2/3 and Joliet extension
    10. Automatically optimizes the ISO image file structure, saves the CD space.
    11. Supports the shell document type integration, Open Image files through double clicking them or the Right Click menu of the mouse with the open dialog.
    12. The double window user interface is extremely convenient to use.
    13. There are rich add-on tools, you can create ALL in 1 bootable compact discs, CD image file management, even the virtual CD/DVD drive , those functions are really powerful.

    The trial version shows a pop-up registration dialog at program startup and cannot save an ISO image of greater than 300MB.

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    Cookie Editor

    What Are Cookies

    What Are Cookies?

    Cookies are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer without their consent or knowledge, ready for future access.

    In most cases, not only does the storage of personal information into a cookie go unnoticed, so does access to it. Web servers automatically gain access to relevant cookies whenever the user establishes a connection to them, usually in the form of Web requests.

    By using cookies, a website can track what links you click on, the ads you respond to, and all sorts of other information.

    Not all cookies are bad. As a matter of fact, most cookies store harmless but useful information.

    Cookies allow user-side customization of Web information. If you sometimes visit '' you may notice that this page remembers your recent stock quotes. It's done through cookies.

    Another example: cookies can be used to store shopping lists of items a user has selected while browsing through a virtual shopping mall

    About Cookie Editor

    Cookie Editor

    Cookie Editor is an application that helps you manage cookies set by Internet Explorer.

    Cookie Editor allows you to maintain the level of your privacy by allowing you to see, edit or delete any unwanted cookies. It searches your drives for all IE cookies then displays them is easy grid-like format. You can examine content of any cookie or delete it.

    For advanced users, you can also edit the contents of cookies. So, for example, if you want to change your zip code for '', or move up the expiration date of a given cookie, you could do so without even opening your browser!

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