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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

t=v1+v2, cara meningkatkan traffic dan popularity dengan cepat dan alami (english : Method to Increases Traffic swiftly and natural)

kaynere said...
This that I found when do blogwalking. there is nice article from which indonesian language. So we translated it to English to share with you all. wish the language doesn't stumph. title on his article is t=v1+v2, cara meningkatkan traffic dan popularity dengan cepat dan alami, in english Methode to increases Traffic swiftly and natural. OK here the post.

Please reads carefull then applied truly. . . .

a philosophy says" honesty is the best policy (honesty best policies/strategy)" , this we shall prove. . . . is concept honesty we process to produce traffic and popularity greater from complex concept expert webmaster or expert seo. . ? . . .
i am sure that work if this origin concept done truly. . . , when does this applied in your web appropriate rule so:
-Your web will flooded by traffic visitor extraordinarily day in day out, without necessary busy think seo or tired promotion from any place at internet world.
-Your web will flooded backlink according to amazing day in day out, without necessary busy hunt link from place at internet world.

if albert einstein wear similarity e=mc2 to unite potential time and velocity of light to produce remarkable nuclear energy , so we shall wear similarity t=v1+v2 to uniting potential my web and your web to produces traffic and popularity remarkable also.

if einstein use atom plutonium and uranium to make nuclear bomb, so we use honesty and precision to make bomb traffic and popularity .

necessary to you do follow steps next:

1. make posting article likes my posting or on if you Indonesian like that, or copy-paste posting this and also given have a title: t=v1+v2, Methode to increases traffic and popularity swiftly and natural
2 Then copy or make magic sentence exist in under number 4 this then pair at your web is in part easiest is seen visitor, for example on the top sidebar:
3 - move or change link or address url my posting (here-1) replace address url my friend (here-2).
- for detect address url my posting and your posting can make with clicking title/title posting we make this.
4- then fill url address your posting you in here-1 a while ago. so you do publish 2 times, after posting this is finished you make then at publish, and then you click in title (title) posting to take/copy your URL address posting from address your browser , then you editted again that posting and input in link here-1 that.

next article" magic sentence" necessary you pair at your web part (is after at changes link url- appropriate rule at on)

" want to increase traffic visitor and popularity your web is quickly and unlimited. . . ? . . .
account on me. . . , i do it for you are free. . . ! . . here and here"
-so after this magic sentence put at your web so: if visitor clicking link here-1 will aim link your posting, and if clicking here-2 will aim link my posting . . . and so on will be never brokened chain link
5- there is 2 links: your link (is my web link now) and my link (is my friend web link now). so change (the address)" your link" with" link url your web" and " my link is with link url my web" (my friend link is at erase).
your link
my link

5-finished, prepare counter tracker and for example link checker sitemeter and technorati to see flood result traffic and linkback your web.

what is t=v1+t2. . . ?
t: total traffic that at will obtain your web in one day
v1: your web visitor total is in one day
v2: visitor total that has v1 (visitor from you web visitor) in one day.

for example, my web is this or your web is in a day has average visitor 50 person. . , and all apply our concept is this (is magic sentence) truly, and from 50 person that is each has 50 person also visitors from blog-, so our web has opportunity visited by 50 will augmenting 50 x 50 person on that = 2550 person, and that opportunity will increase day by day , because every day always there new visitor at internet world, every day also there blogger or new web at internet world. . . prove

for example, our web has visitor 50 person in one day, and all of them apply this concept, so in that day your web will get 100 linkback to your web, that is a link in magic sentence and a link in my link is at multiplies 50. and that opportunity will be increase day by day

why necessary to make your link link and my link is in posting. . . ?
. . . this matter is to watches over our link eternity, because as we know link in posting erasing possibility was smaller. . . .

can we make not fair or disingenuous sabotage this concept, for example" cause the loss of all origin links" then at contents with web/blog ourselves. . . ? . . . . can, and this concept will not be maximal to will prove honesty best strategy/policies. . . . . but i am sure that is us all not want to drop ownself credibility with do gimcrack action like that. . .

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Monday, January 26, 2009

configure UTP Cable in Cross Type

kaynere said ...
this post just remembering me about configuring of cross UTP cable for LAN. because i'm unmindfull person. so i've take my note every where. and blogger accomodating on it.
OK this is the combination cable for cross UTP cable.
on my left side
1.white green
2. green
3. white orange
4. blue
5. white blue
6. orange
7. white brown
on my right side must be
1. white orange
2. orange
3. white green
4. blue
5. white blue
6. green
7. white brown
8. brown.
just like that. if i'd mistake I'll corrected later.

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Reflection to Strive and Always Bouncy

kaynere said

every experience day you and me were present very beautiful from The Very has that make overall our life full of meaning and colourful happiness.

to felt happy, confused, dissapointed, sad, or angry were our decision problem. when do you decide to felt happy so happy you. with him, your happiness is actually result from your decisions precision ( deciding to be happy).

your request realizes that feeling that there, and ourselves that can prevent idea and our action is from good does, but we also can push self to be more many do kindness.

that is because it, don't ever throw your feeling you into a difficult to understanding by your self and another person.

realize that there a mechanism that is watching closely attitude and our behaviour, you and i; loyal do evaluation, and emphatically juxtapose or go away us from alive quality whom we envision.

so that, when do we trapped on the same day once not fun, hair-raising, bothing that good, and very bad, . . . give that day chance.

because we can not again has day yesterday.

you and i was ever has memoriess in the past. in between we are trapped in past memories that hold back the step from reaches to chances most make possible for getting alive glitter, but there also permanent step stoutly in spirit ember fragments.

you must make your self as individual thoroughly responsible on your life quality. don't sigh life likely operative not pretty for your life.

your request realizes that may be there another person that has feeling same even worse than you accept, but more pay attention manners that bring peace the life.

that is because it, our responsibility is makes today better with lesson whom we are get from our errors in the past, and make day tommorow more promise because surpluss whom we reach today.

because our motivation quality is a target moves, and because in two days – today will be yesterday; so be really stick by a good way to reconcile with your past.

realize that your past was built by sequence regular from change it today – be yesterday, and that happened every day; and that your future comes to approach in change it day tommorow – be today.

so wake and take care your spirit, for no anything at this world that changes form and strength – as soon as our feeling change. (success such near at tongue; but can such far from reach)

we shall not know what will happen tommorow, but we have experience in the past that can make us better at today. that is because it, soon set mind on alive at today completely, because today best day for us steps in future achievement. we are not yet has day tommorow. we can not endure day tommorow. we have only today.

work hard today, and change feeling you from feeling uncertain be a feeling the joy can menyemangati you step more peace aim future success.

people who strives today
and as certain that what have done today suitable get
appreciation at future,
can glader later greet that future
with quality better.

when year 2008 a trip, our trip will achieve endding.

you and i shall still has will chance that we shall utilize to will step to progress at next year.

a moment, we do evaluation and self introspection: " do we still and then out for will walk at true stripe? "

not yet late for us to repair wrong matters when we have begun aware that us far turn from our aim.

beginning from our life is – not our plan,
and moment the end even also – not our decision;
but more clearer for us that our task
make time between beginning and end that,
as a beautiful trip
can we reach with our efforts,
and constructively loving
from hand is not seen that.
(becoming is more important than having)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Practice Mikrotik's Setting

kaynere said...

At this moment, I just want to share experience, make router with Mikrotik with two IP ADDRES. Both of them connecting each other. As the description, this IP address that we used.

IP for public (ordinary used for internet)
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
GateWay :

Local IP (for local networking)
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Gateway :

From that description, so we had two different IP ADDRESS but same gateway and DNS.

Prepare Mikrotik CD (with the crack  )
1. Prepare your PC minimum spec Pentium II Hard Disk 10 GB, 2 LAN Card
2. Make boot from CD in BIOS
3. Boot with MIkrotik CD, press a for installing all of Mikrotik component
4. Press I for Install
5. Press N for not to keep old configuration
6. Press Y to continue
7. Waiting until end process
8. Press Enter to reboot (be sure that your CD installation was remove)
9. Login with username :admin and don’t fill password
10. Change default Mikrotik with your name or something you like it, type edit in system identity than enter
Type value name : name
Delete Mikrotik and change with name you Like example kaynere then press CTRL+O
11. Then change password with type Yor New Password and Retype your new password that you had change
12. Please take a look your interface ( to investigate how many LAN Card at your PC
Type interface print than press enter
13. Change ether1 and ether (so you have 2 LAN Card) with Public IP and Local IP
Type interface edit0 than press enter (with purpose change ether1 name’s)
Value-name : name
Than delete ether1 and change with public than press CTRL+O
Type interface edit than press enter (for changing ether1 name)
Value-name : name
Delete ether2 and change with local than press CTRL+O
check interface view, type interface print than enter. So ether1 and ether2 changed with public and local
14. Now Set IP Address just like on the top page.
type ip address add
Address : ( /24 for represent
Interface : public
Now set local
type ip address add
Address : ( /24 for represent
Interface : local
Now check your IP address set that you have change, type ip address print
15. Make gateway for IP router
From that description on top page, so gateway that we used are
Type ip route add gateway=
Than check your change with type ip route print
16. Configuring IP DNS
type : ip dns edit primary-dns
Delete and change with and than press CTRL+O
If your DNS we used are so we have to set or configuring like this :
type : ip dns edit allow-remote-requests
delete no and change with yes than press CTRL + O
17. Last step was configuring NAT
type: ip firewall nat add chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface=public

for client IP address set to with subnetmask :, gateway dan DNS :

here we are our routing. This page presented by chungchin and translated by kaynere. Just for document reminder.
Danke, Gracias…

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Recording Desktop Activities

kaynere said...

Frequently i am asked by several friends, either from local friend that meets every day also mobile friend when online. How to make activity in our desktop will be seen so that we can make tutorial program.
Actually there various program that can be used to transcribe activity in our desktop. But I’ve choose snagit. This software has many advantages that helps me. The surplus can be used to recording audio and desktop, then when do we make recording per topic (for example) and we shall adjoin to be one main criticism so we can do editing in software snagit.
Try and share to me about the advantage…

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

be adult is a definitive matter be wise is choice

kaynere said ...

An advice that I ever read but i don't know what a book, reappear in my memory when I have a lot of activity quantity that appears in this early year . job pressure more suppressed.

something that necessary i underline to this year was never give big expectation towards some matter that you aren’t sure. believe to ownself that with ability exist in good attitude ownself, competence, patterned thinking and strong willing will make successful as fact. don't ever make job is to delay, because with that jobs delay so job current after it will be load towards your idea.

Choose your choice wisely

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