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Friday, December 14, 2012

Vaccines in Fish

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
In line with the development of a disease that attacks the human body, as well as development occurs diseases that attack fish. Initially the disease that attacks the fish was caused by endoparasites, ectoparasites and bacteria. however, due to the changing environment, whether caused by human activity and due to the dynamic changes of nature itself, the virus began to attack the fish. Attacks by this virus disease, tragically led to mass death.
There are some viruses that attack fish and become famous such as:

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gracilaria Sp Seaweed Cultivation Methods in Ponds Poly culture

Aquaculture Fisheries Development : Seaweed or Marine Algae was low level plants of Divisio Thallopyta. Euchema sp, Gracilaria sp,Gelidium sp, Hypnea sp and Sargassum sp were type of Indonesia seaweed that economically and have traded long ago, either to be consumed domestically and exported.
Most of the seaweed in Indonesia was still exported from the form of dried seaweed. On the other hand, Indonesia still imports of processed seaweed for industrial purposes.
Given the huge market potential and the potential of large ponds also, the development of seaweed farming in ponds has good prospects.
Picture of Gracilaria verrucossa

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Minuscule Volume 4

Cover CD minuscule
It's about long time that I'm not posting some thing new in my blog, cause of all my fuzzy busy duty on my work. So some time when I watching on TV, I choose cartoon for my favorite, I am watching Minuscule that produced by Futurikon, released date 25 February 2006 at France. but in my country it's showed in 2012. But unfortunately, cause of all my fuzzy busy duty job, I missed them. So I search them at google (sure)and I download them. but I thought that my hard disk space wouldn't be enough cause full of game application, Movie, TV show etc. So I had to have virtual storage. And I choose Indowebster, cause they had download capabilities that can be resumed when they interrupted in my country. Minuscule itself means tiny.Minuscule have an amazing picture that Futurikon produced.Minuscule tells about the life of tiny animals, insects more precisely (excepts for snails). More funny stories concerning the life of insects,i think that you will enjoy it.
an IMDB review they had 8,4.So I upload them, may be if my daughter would have known about cartoon I could downloaded again, while I share it with all of you my reader. Here the link, click if u want to download it.
Comment if you found broken link

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