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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fish feed : Alternative Fish Feed Quality

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
When we return to the basic understanding, culture itself is to maintain a particular organism in a given period and place in order to obtain benefits. Provide a specific place in a limited situation that is no longer as free as in nature or primarily in the open sea food needs, of course, like it or not we should try to fulfill it. The food in this case is very limited when compared to when they live in their natural habitat in nature. Therefore, errors in managing the feed will result in a minimum of 60% in failure cultivation due to the cost of production in the culture that valued allocated to the management of the feed. Meanwhile, the cultivation was carried out to pursue the economic benefits. One in managing fish will lead to large losses.

Like humans, fish require a complete nutrition and sufficient to her life. Major elements such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates as the main component of minerals and vitamins as well as supporting components, it is necessary to support the growth of an organism. How could the fish can grow well if given only feed from the rest of cassava leaves, coconut husks and even the remains of rice from the food we throw into our pond maintenance. That would probably cause other problems namely pisciculture environment will gradually feed contaminated by the rest of the sediment in the bottom waters that are not eaten by fish. These materials will accumulate at the bottom of the pool and combined waste from the fish itself so that one day pengurai bacteria could no longer work properly due to lack of oxygen so that results will be penguraiannya toxic compounds that are highly dangerous for the life of the cultivated organisms. Therefore, efforts to meet the demand for fish feed quality, affordable and environmentally friendly is needed.

What is a qualified feed

The value of fish feed quality is determined by how complete the availability of constituent components. The more complete constituent components, the higher the quality of the feed. Components of a complete feed that includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Additional materials such as materials
dyes, material towing (attractant), hormones, and binder (binders) are also required but is not mandatory in nature. Complete feed is nothing compared to when the fish pet damaged chopped fish only given. Compared with the feed / pellets, damaged chopped fish do not have complete nutrition for general
only dominated by the protein and moisture content with a little phosphorus.

Protein known as a body builder substances, cells or tissue. It collects various types of amino acids that are needed by the body. Absence of feed components will greatly affect the growth of both the growth of culture organisms to the body of fish (fish enlargement) and for the multiplication of cells / individuals (reproduction). The material commonly known protein is fish meal, shrimp meal, soy flour, industrial waste such as flour shrimp heads, fish intestines, rucah fish, blood meal, bone meal etc.. Each material has the number and types of different amino acids. Fish flour ranked first in the completeness of amino acid or in other words, fish meal is the best protein source in fish feed.

Fat as a component of the absolute largest energy provider is. Daily activities ranging from swimming, find food, avoid enemies, metabolism, growth and resilience of the body requires energy. It contained fatty acids and fish generally can not make itself and must be given in feed. However, fish can synthesize fats into fatty acids which are needed by people such as linolenic and linoleic acid (omega-3). That fish only capable of making omega-3 fatty acids and capable of human intellectual and even people, as happened in the State Sakura, Japan. Not only that, Japan as one of the largest fish consumed country in the world capable of making people live longer by eating fish that contain omega-3 and will be protected from various diseases. Materials such as fish oil, soybean oil, palm oil, corn oil and canola oil are fat sources commonly used in the manufacture of fish feed.
Although no direct effect on the growth, the presence of carbohydrates as an element of the cheapest energy providers in the feed is needed. Absence of feed components will force the protein to change its function of building materials into energy provider. This transfer-function will require greater energy levels resulting in fish ammonia gas emissions increased. Increased emissions of ammonia in the water will eventually result in polluted waters especially for basic organisms such as abalone and prawns. Starch, wheat flour, sago flour is commonly used materials. In addition to the energy provider, these materials also function as adhesive.

Another case with the above three main components, vitamins and minerals, although a little but very necessary. Vitamins such as is necessary to streamline work metabolism. In addition these vitamins are usually associated with the immune system of fish as in vitamin C. Minerals as well as the existence of even a little but also desperately needed. For example, phosphor elements associated with primary bone formation in fish larvae food. Bending bones (abnormalities) was made possible due to the lack or absence of phosphorus in feed intake of fish. View fish's body is very disturbing in the abnormal growth can even cause death. When the fish is alive, must be sold at low cost; even be thrown away because they do not deserve to be sold.
Cheap feed fish farmers yearning

Amid the hard-paced life today, the fish farmers desperate for a cheap feed prices. Moreover, the feed component is crucial for the success or failure of a business culture. In comparison, the price of fish feed that was only omnivore Rp 5.000/kg from various manufacturers. Prices are much more expensive is certainly happening at the price of fish feed carnivorous species such as shrimp, snapper, grouper. Fortunately selling high value export market can still cover the cost of production so that most people still choose to keep the fish species are carnivorous. But when thinking about sustainable farming, this concept should be discarded away. Meanwhile, in several research and policy, this does not apply to fish farming herbivore species (primarily fish meal plants) such as grass carp because of the prices of these types of fish are cheaper and abundant availability in nature. This should be a concern and one of the farmers policy makers and governments to keep the fish from the types of herbivore fish farm fish for survival in the future, although in terms of product prices, fish species herbivore slightly cheaper than carnivorous fish.

The high price of fish feed can not be separated from the high prices of materials existing feed makers. Components of fish meal and fish oil are the materials most expensive fat proteins. Therefore experts feed the world trying to replace fish meal and oil are increasingly scarce and expensive by sources other proteins through a series of studies.
There are two directions of research development is now done feed the world, namely the utilization of waste protein (protein by product) and proteins from plants (vegetable protein). The material was selected because of cheap price and availability of natural resources. Waste materials such as flour protein, shrimp heads, crab flour skin, blood meal, bone meal, flour squid intestines stomach, intestines flour chicken, tuna belly flour, silkworm pupa powder, becomes grounds to know, etc. of alternative materials to replace fish meal sufficient to provide a positive influence for the growth of fish. Similarly, the use of fish oil is also relatively expensive compared to vegetable oil. Therefore, the protein material and fat from plants such as soy flour, corn meal, flour, oil seed flour, soybean oil, palm oil and corn oil into flour and reliable substitute for a good fish oil that does not affect the growth of fish at a certain limit. Although recognized amino acids and fatty acids in the material
This is not as complete and as much as that found in the flour and fish oil. Even more controversial again, soybeans genetically engineered already widely used as a source of fish protein. The results of several studies indicate, the use of soy flour results in genetic engineering does not affect the fish's body for examination in almost all organs of fish are not carriers of the gene found in the soybean. Also good influence on the growth rate is not so different than the provision of non soy flour genetic engineering. Soybeans genetically engineered many of today's developed with the intent to prevent the plants from pests and diseases. So since
in 1996 it is natural that the FAO world body issued a statement about not dangerous use of soy is genetically engineered to feed the fish. In addition to fish is not harmful to pets, is also safe for humans. However, controversy about this continues despite the frequency was reduced.
Replacement of fish meal and oil with the materials mentioned above are encouraged to overcome the high prices of feed available. Coupled with the reduction in world fish stocks due to fishing management from the beginning was not concerned with aspects of sustainability. Therefore, according to a statement Worm et al (2006) in the journal nature, estimated in the year 2040 in the wild fish stocks will be exhausted if the world continues to consume fish like crazy today. Moreover, approximately 40% of fish that is used for the manufacture of fish flour. This will increase the difficulty of providing fish meal and make it grow
expensive. However, due to amino acids and fatty acids contained in fish meal and oil are the best, then its replacement with a maximum of 20% of soybean flour and 15% for soybean oil for example, is still worth it because there was no difference in the growth of snapper. Similarly, waste materials other proteins, is still no substitute for fish meal in total in the formulation of fish feed manufacture. Indeed the concept of "fish eat fish" is still true. However, this concept is not always true and can be applied, given the availability of fish on the dwindling natural.

Environmentally friendly feed, fish feed future

In addition to a very important role to develop pet fish, feed is also very large potential to reduce the cultivation of aquatic environmental quality through the remainder of the feed that is not consumed by fish waste and fish feces and urine during metabolic processes. The main waste of feed, feces and urine is ammonia and phosphorus; second again this material comes from fish meal protein. Ammonia content of the main elements are nitrogen and phosphorus (N) and (P) that can make a fertile waters (eutrophication) in a certain limit. But if these two elements accumulation exceeds the limit, then there was what is called the "excessive fertility" (hypereutrofikasi). These conditions resulted in water becomes starved of oxygen and bacteria perurai will produce toxic compounds that are dangerous for the life of the cultivated organisms. Organisms are particularly vulnerable to this is the shrimp FAQs for this species living in the bottom waters that will be most affected first. Similarly with budidayanya fish, will experience mass mortality during Welling up (removal of toxic compounds into surface water) in the rainy season. This occurs due to mass heavy rain that falls to the bottom and replace the base substrate that already contains this toxin up (due to heavy type of lighter) to the surface and poison the fish are kept so that the experience of death. While the danger that comes from the use of excessive fish oil will result in accumulated chemical compounds called dioxins. Dioxins are contained in fish oil at a certain level would be harmful to the body because it stimulates cancer.

To overcome this, there are two strategies that can be done. First, the use of materials of low phosphorus content. This can only be obtained with the use of proteins derived from plants such as soy flour, corn flour etc.. In addition to low cost, the materials of this plant proteins can be relied upon to replace fish meal by up to 20% of this quantity which does not result in reduced growth of fish. Similarly, vegetable oil, feeding the feed with fish oil would also reduce the possibility of accumulation of dioxin when compared to fat energy source that only comes from fish oil. The second strategy is to streamline the use of protein by the fish so that the content of nitrogen is wasted in faeces and urine was also reduced. This effort is done by mixing the ingredients of calcium monophosphate (Ca (H2PO4) 2) into the feed. This material is one of the mineral compounds that can streamline the use of fish protein metabolism in the process so that the waste waters of proteins to be low.
Aquaculture Fisheries Development.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Aquaculture Fisheries Development : Artificial feed is the feed created by humans for fish from domestic various kinds of raw materials nutrients have a well according to the needs of fish and in making very consider the nature and size of fish. Artificial feed made by people to anticipate shortage of feed derived from
the continuity of natural production can not be ascertained. With expected to create artificial feed the amount of feed required by fish will be fulfilled at any time.
Artificial feed good quality must meet the criteria as:

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fish Feed : How to made 2

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
C. Feed RAW

Quality of artificial feed is determined among others by the quality of existing materials. This is because other than that contained in the nutritional value of raw materials must comply with the needs of fish, this artificial feed also liked the fish better taste, aroma, etc. that can stimulate fish to eat artificial feed it.

1. Types of Raw Materials

Fish feed raw materials are generally divided into three major groups namely:

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fish Feed : how to made

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
Started this post I will discuss about the making of fish meal

Artificial feed is the feed that had been made from several types of raw materials with specific nutritional formulations. Artificial feed of good quality must meet criteria such as:
1. Nutrient content of feed, especially protein must be in accordance with the needs of fish
2. The diameter of the feed must be smaller than the size of the fish's mouth opening
3. Digestible feed

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Free SMS 4 Indonesian provider

For you who are in Indonesia, a blog owned by a friend in our community that provides computer Free SMS to the provider in Indonesia. for sending SMS per day is 10 SMS per day. Please try to visit this website.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cyber War, Pentagon was Ready

kaynere have some email send from my friend. but i don't know are these i wanna shared for all of blogger. here the message :
Latest news from the Pentagon, Washington DC, USA stated that the Government of the United States defense system is being designed and new weapons for the war in the cyber world, because at this time centers Computers, Government Administration, Banking, Private companies and institutions, important institutions other in the U.S. each day to receive thousands of cyber attacks from the World (Cyber Attacks) in the form of attacks from Hackers and from the Government with the purpose of Foreign possible, steal data or damage to data, other important data.

Which is still a debate among them, this is a place where World War command Center this cyber, if combined with the National Security Agency (NSA), or have under the Central Military Commando Pentagon. This comes as the debate at this time has been allocated funds of tens of Billion Dollar to avert attacks from the cyber world of computers in the U.S..

President Barack Obama on Friday is on 29 May 2009 planned to issue a decision on the important role Military command coordination with the Pentagon and the NSA more experience in the cyber attack in the World (Digital War).

The decision to form the Center for World War Commando's cyber Obama is one more step forward from the preceding, former President Bush ordered the only response to attack the U.S. Computer-computer without a clear strategy. Center for World War Commando cyber this initial stage is the ability to coordinate defense and cyber attacks on the World War the four U.S. Armed Forces are currently spread without any coordination.

Officials of the U.S. to circumvent the question of how strong offensive attack that will be done by the Center for World War cyber command U.S., but is estimated to be comparable to the war in the battlefield in the Reak world military.

The increasingly warm "Star Wars" in the framework of Presidential Elections on July 8th 2009 in Indonesia, there was still a defense against the attack of the World Cyber War in Indonesia?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The use of computers in the work environment and housing is one of the revolution in the field of
technology. Instruments have become part of our lives, and to improve productivity and work efficiency. In the year 2000 is considered that 75 percent of men working involves computer.
One of the negative impact of the extensive use of computers for the health of interference is referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS).
According to The American Optometric Association, CVS is a collection of symptoms okuler (eye) and non-okuler that arise after the work in front of a computer screen or video display terminal (VDT).
CVS found on 75 percent of workers who use computers for 6-9 hours each day. In United States and England, CVS reported occurred in 12.4 percent and 9 percent of all patients came to the eye doctor. CVS symptoms include tired eyes (asthenopia or eyestrain), eye feels dry, sandy, or heavy feeling, blurred vision, which can be accompanied by headache (especially the forehead and the right or left of the head), neck muscle pain, and back.

Mechanism how to occur and factor into effect

Mechanism of a CVS is not fully known, but suspected a combination of factor of the surface, accommodation, other factors outside the eye, characteristics of the computer, and regulation of the room.
Surface of the eye which is always wet because the coated layer of tears (tear film) may be in the CVS interference experienced by the environment, such as the use of air conditioner (AC), the fan, and decrease in reflex blink at work. In normal circumstances, eyelid blink 16-20 times per minutes. Research shows that the frequency flicker is reduced to only 6-8 times only every minute on the people who work with the computer screen. This result in eye quickly become dry. In addition, the surface of the eye may be susceptible to interference due to the decrease production of water with increasing age, the hormone changes in women, the disease or consumption of certain medications (such as antihistamine or anti-hypertension drugs), and the use of contact lenses.
Accommodation or changes the structure of the eyes can see the focus for a short distance. Letter on the computer screen is very different to the text in the paper as arranged on the pixels, or dots that composed form letters or numbers. To see the letters / numbers on a computer screen, eye-hold accommodation so that the cause fatigue or eyestrain. Fortunately, usually changes in accommodation are reversible at the end of the day or on holidays. Some experts assume that the accommodation due to the use of computers can stimulate for miopi (process of a dim far), but has not been proven with research.
Painful muscle stiffness or neck, shoulder, back and head movements occurred as a result, neck, shoulder and to the front, which tended to be computer users to see more clearly. Muscle pain complaints also occur on the user bifocus or progressive glasses (in the workers who already require glasses to read the plus), where they tend to move the head back when read the text on the paper, and promote the vision when the focus back to the screen computer.
Quality display (impression on the computer screen), where the contrast is less, will make it look
letters or numbers on a computer screen. In addition, the higher resolution screen, image border
will firmly so that the eye can see without excessive accommodation.
Impact and Corrective Action

CVS is not yet proven can cause vision and health of heavy, but of course can reduce worker productivity and efficiency. CVS needs to be regulated, with management of the interference, the work environment, and improving conditions ergonomic worker.
To overcome dry eyes, eye lubricate can be done with various drugs tear drops artificial (artificial tears). Workers who have a deviation refraction (need glasses) need to corrected model with the power and the right glasses. Take a rest periodically during using a computer, especially after four hours work constantly to relaxing
eye accommodation. A way that is suggested as an alternative is to apply a formula "20-20-20", namely: every 20 minutes of looking at things that 20 feet (approximately 6 meters) for 20 seconds.
The light source can be placed indoors away from the computer screen, give the curtains on the window or provide filters on a computer screen.
Position the computer monitor is placed so that workers achieve a good ergonomic position. Recommended distance to the screen of 34-40 cm, with the location of the center of the screen 10-20 degrees (or 5-6 inches) below the line of sight. Body postures should be good to avoid muscle pain neck, back, shoulders, and head.
Avoid using dark backgrounds. Black letters on a white background is best to avoid Computer Vision Syndrome affected.
Ventilation room is set so that workers get enough fresh air but avoid the flow of air that leads directly to the face, as this encourages the occurrence of drying faster.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Natural Resources Bacteria in the Body of Fish

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
kaynere discussed about bacteria in the skin and body of fish.

One of the requirements to maintain the quality of fish is to chase away the source of decay a natural source of bacteria. In the body of the fish, the source of the bacteria found in the natural;
• surface of the skin mucus Justify Full
one of the functions of the skin on the fish is barred entry of bacteria and viruses in the network next to the meat. besides fish skin function to maintain the balance of acid and balance of salinity betwen body and media (hemostatis) and there is a pheromone that is used by

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Aquaculture Fisheries Development : kaynere wanna shared discussed about fish handling on deck
Handling and placement of the fish is a prerequisite in hygienic keep fish from the slowdown because of the poor quality of the handling will directly influence the quality of fish as food or raw material for further processing. So also the placement of fish in places that are not appropriate, for example, where the temperature in the hot, exposed to direct sunlight, where the dirty, and so contribute to accelerate the retreat of quality fish.

Fishery products, including products that have very easily damaged / rotten, so that the handling of any kind will not be possible to make the fish stay fresh, but the handling is done in order to prevent the body's network decomposition (decomposition), so the fish can be stored for possible in good condition. Thus the fish was

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Optimized Meta Tags for Blogger to boost your traffic

kaynere search some information that working on boost traffic. so I get some information that's meta tag.Meta Tags are information inserted into the area "head" in a website page, the information in the area where the head is not seen by the browser at the time we see the pages, but head into the area is very important if associated with the search engine / search engines, Meta Tags because this information will be displayed in the search engine / search engine

<meta content='Keyword1,Keyword2,Keyword3,.....' <meta content = 'KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2, Keyword3 ,.....' name='description'/> name = 'description' />

<meta content='Keyword1,Keyword2,Keyword3,.....' <meta content = 'KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2, Keyword3 ,.....' name='keywords'/> name = 'keywords' />

<meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/> <meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>

Explanation of above code is as follows:

1. 1. Meta Description
Description of this blog serves as the information content of the blog so that we can appear on search engines. How to install just enter the words you blog content in accordance with the comma as a word divider. for example: Blogger Development, Fisheries,Aquaculture, Computer, Hacking, Cracking, and Tutorial
2. Meta Keyword Meta Keyword
This Keyword as keyword blog that will search by search engine later. fill in words that relate to our blog. Just Like : Blogger, Development, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Art, batik, Computer,

3. Meta Tags Robots Robots Meta Tags

The main objectives of robots meta tags is to define a web page which can index by a spider and web pages which do not. This tag is very useful especially if website uses frames to navigate. Of course we do not want to display menus in the frame to be read by search engines.
so, How we can Installing them, here you go
1. get log in to your blogger account as always
2. get layout
3. get edit HTML
4. search this code
<meta content='your blog description here' name='description'/>

<meta content='your keywords here' name='keywords'/>

if nothing appear its OK jsearch this code <title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>
and after that code place this code
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle + " - Blogger Try to Develop! discuss about computer, blogger, fisheries, and aquaculture"' name='description'/>

<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle + ", blog, blogspot, blogger,"' name='keywords'/> 

make sure that you change description and keyword that relevant with your blog.
5. preview to make sure.
6 if that works. save template.
so your blog will search by search engine with that meta tag that you had created.
OK. That some tutorial from Blogger Try to Develop! about SEO and will boost your traffic.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Installing WP Cumulus in Blogger as Blogumus

I try to make WP display cumulus made by Roy Tanck, apparently from the information I was looking through google WP Cumulus only used Word Press, and Blogger is that I try to build. I find more information in the weblog Roy Tanck, the existing Blogumus (from Amanda Fazani term) that is appearance as WP Cumulus to Blogger. following ways to install Blogumus on Blogger

Installing Blogumus in your Blogger layout is surprisingly simple! You should only need to copy and paste a section of code to your Blogger template, though any tweaks for the style of display will require some manual editing. Here are the steps required to install Blogumus in your Blogger layout:

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Create read more for new blogger

finally I have to make posting read more on how to create my own.
why ? because every my post that are too long and I want to short, so I need to make this read more. although I'm a forgetful, forget even the storage of results from blogs that I've saved, I better find through google. and the results will create a blog or web is always increased rating. I better make your own posting
I like this:
- Login to sign in blogger
- Go to the link layout
- Go to edit html
- Be sure to mark the edit widgets expand, in order to make editing the template as a whole
Enter the following code before the tag

or after the appropriate code

like this:

so that the next posting was cut off, search this code in your template
add the
following code right underneath:

so cut off, every time you post, click on the section and write
<code>&lt;span class="fullpost"&gt; to finish posting the rest . To add this code, when you need to post in Edit HTML mode not in Compose

so now I do not need to seek out more on how to make read more, just go to the link in my own


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a Chinese story : to be effective and efficient

There is a Chinese story that I heard ...

One student said the teacher,
"Teacher, if I learn not only from you, but also teachers from the other, not science, I will be?"

The teacher smiled, sang softly students stare, and said,
"He is pursuing pursue two rabbits (at the same time), will not get a rabbit!"

The students are confused, and reflective;
"Is not 1 +1 = 2, and 2 +2 = 4? means 2 teachers + 2 = 4 science teachers? ".

The teacher, as it were, will be able to read his mind, to continue;
"In this life, not all the knowledge you learn will be used. Only a handful of knowledge that you will use to improve the quality of life. "

"Life is too short, to be able to learn all the sciences. When you learn all the science, and promiscuous science that's best for you, when you have the time to implement it? "

"The goal is not learning to learn, but to apply, for prosperity and happiness of men, and the community around you."

The students, with the mimic face serious, ask;
"Then, how can I get the best science, the greatest and quickly deliver on our success?"

The teacher, smiled back, and said with a soft,

"No teacher is the best, and do not have the best science. The best year, not necessarily in the future. "

"Then, who is the best?"

"All knowledge is good, provided the user with the appropriate knowledge. A match in talent, character, personality and the tendency of the users, will greatly determine the speed control is knowledge. "

"Rather than spend lots of time to search for knowledge, and then choose the best discrimination, is not it easier for you to find a teacher who is only appropriate, then you learn as much as possible, and deep-in, he's?"

The teachers end the conversation with a meditation.

"In life, more people appreciate the" many "rather than" in the. Which means more to you;
"A lot of business that makes the head swim, or a business that makes you great happiness?"
"A lot of projects that are not completed, or a compliment to get that job?
"A lot of knowledge that has not been applied, or one that produces a lot of knowledge?"

Ah, how simple life ..
Why should be complex?

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Detection and Cleaning Conficker / Recycler / Kido

Virus Conficker / Recycler / Kido this (hereinafter Conficker virus) is a virus that has spread to more than 10 million computers in the world. In Indonesia was estimated to have tens of thousands of computers infected with this virus. Very sophisticated distribution via the Internet, network, and the Autorun USB Flashdisk. This virus also take advantage of a bug in Microsoft Windows to infecting for most of the corporate network. Microsoft censure of this virus, and even Microsoft promised to provide $ 250,000 (Rp3 billion) to anyone who can catch the making of virus.

Maybe other sites already in very many ways the analysis and cleaning this virus Conficker for example vaksin, Kaspersky, Microsoft, and thousands of sites / other blogs. But almost all provide a solution that is not so clear and even the most technical things that confuse the user beginners. As a result, many users and beginners who are still confused ask how this virus cleaning. This paper aims to discuss only the easy way to detect and clean this virus Conficker.

Detecting whether your computer is infected with the virus Conficker?

1. Can not access the site security
Your computer is likely infected if your computer can not access sites such as,, or other sites associated with the following words:
nai, ca, AVP, avg, vet, bit9, sans, cert, windowsupdate, wilderssecurity, threatexpert, castlecops, spamhaus, cpsecure, arcabit, emsisoft, sunbelt, securecomputing, rising, prevx, pctools, norman, k7computing, ikarus, hauri, hacksoft, gdata, fortinet, ewido, clamav, comodo, quickheal, avira, avast, esafe, ahnlab, centralcommand, drweb, grisoft, eset, NOD32, F-Prot, jotti, Kaspersky, f-secure, computerassociates, networkassociates, etrust, panda, Sophos, trendmicro, McAfee, norton, Symantec, Microsoft, defender, rootkit, malware, spyware, virus

2. Hidden files can not be displayed
You can not show hidden files in the computer even though the settings have changed "show hidden" in the folder options or in Smadav.

During the scanning using Smadav, Smadav akan detect 1 registry value of the damaged caused by a virus conficker:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden \ SHOWALL

3. Smart-display Smadav Protection Alert
Smart-Protection (SmaRTP) Smadav display when the Alert Flashdisk dicolok to the infected computer. There are 2 files are detected, the address files detected akan shaped like this:
[x]: \ autorun.inf
[x]: \ RECYCLER \ S-5-3-42-2819952290-8240758988-879315005-3665 \ jwgkvsq.vmx

* [x] is a flash drive such as F, G, or H

You have been infected with a computer connected Smadav before, definitely will not be infected with this virus Conficker because SmaRTP will directly detect and remove them as soon as the USB Flashdisk connected.

Cleaning Conficker quite easy just by using the tools already made some anti-virus. In fact almost all Antivirus Import can clean the virus, provided that in the update. I suggest here 2 special tools to clean Conficker, namely PCMAV Express Conficker or Kidokiller Kaspersky.

1. Use one of PCMAV Express Conficker or Kidokiller Kaspersky.

Download PCMAV Express Conficker
how to use the open on this page: pcmav-express-for-conficker

Download Kaspersky Kidokiller
how to use the open on this page: Kidokiller Kaspersky

2. Windows Update Patch
Fixed bug to Microsoft and to prevent re-infection Conficker, Please Patch Windows Update page on Microsoft: MS08-067

3. Place SmaRTP Smadav
Already said before, You have been infected with a computer connected Smadav before, definitely will not be infected with this virus because Conficker akan SmaRTP directly detect and remove them as soon as the USB Flashdisk connected. So, good for the computers that were infected or not Conficker, attach Smadav in the computer so that it's safe infection.

For bloggers / other sites are expected to publish this article to help users who infected Conficker.
From Nafarin blog

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Signal to assemble in an emergency comprises of 7 or more short blast followed by 1 long blast with the whistle or ship sirine. As can be equipped with extra bell or gong sounds continuously. If this sounds motto, meaning that all those who are in the top of the boat must wear warm clothes and go to the pool and the emergency. Crew tasks in accordance with their emergency listed in the emergency certificate crew and then wait command. Each helmsman and the children go to the lifeboat and the lifeboat:

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When the ship in danger and need help, or need to use the hint-hint that required by international regulations, as specified in the Regulations on the Prevention collision Sea 1972 with 1993 Amendments.

If necessary to attract the other ships, each ship can use a light cue, sound cue, flag signaling and radio signaling with the Telegraph and radio telephone not err in these rules. Any hint that is used to draw attention both to the ship or the crew and passengers must be such that can not be confused with other navigation aids.


1. General Signaling Danger

Appropriate international regulations, the signal/hint danger following can be used in general to ship in the sea, among others:

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sketch and Pattern of State Emergency Ship


Sketch of emergency is necessary in the boat. The purpose and objectives of the blueprint is the creation of an emergency that can be implemented in an organized and appropriate planning. Things that need to be in the making of emergency will blueprint outlined in the following sections.
1. Planning and Preparation

Planning and preparation is the main requirement for achieving successful implementation of an emergency. Captain and crew must be able to quickly and take the right decision what to do to overcome all kinds of emergencies, such as a fire in the engine room, people fall into the sea, etc..

Data / information required are:

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Handling for Ship's State Emergency

Post kaynere this time about the handling of emergency on the ship. and because a lot of material. the event will be a prolonged or continuing post.


Ship that sailed across the various areas of sea in a certain period of time with the thrust to move the speed varies. Travel can be experienced in a variety of problems caused by various factors, among others, natural, human and technical aspects that can not be estimated by the ability of human beings will eventually

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Post Harvest Gracilaria Pond

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
these is a following information addition that kaynere get about after crop of sea grass

Industry materials

Main and important Polisakarida from group red sea weeds (entered Gracilaria, sp) it's in order to and karagenan. Second polisakarida are referred as many exploited in various of industry areas, in consequence, have high enough economic value. In other hand world sales demand will be second polisakarida are referred from year to year growing level.
Besides used as staple in food industry, jelly is referred can be also used as materials additive in pharmacy industry, cosmetic, household need, food, paint, textile and still much more, with

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

a note in a pond Gracilaria

Aquaculture Fisheries Development : I plan to do business in the field cultivation of brackish pond for cultivation of grass species Gracilaria.
here is some note that I received a note based on a survey of some of this type of business, so I can learn.

Biology Gracilaria sp

Seaweed is a huge weed (Macroalgae) which is a plant-level and low to include in the Divisio Thallophyta.
Thallophyta plant is a division of it's morfology consists of thallus. This plant does not have any roots, stem and leaf sterling. Function of the third part is replaced by thallus.
Three main classes of seaweed divisio

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

real estate in global economy crisis

at the end of 2008, the economic crisis that has been infecting U.S. effect on the world economy in general.
developing countries in general affected the economic crisis of the United States is becoming the next global economic crisis.
crisis in Indonesia has a real impact on the sector in this case I used as the production sector from the use of export and import
but in the services sector, does not influence directly.
for example in the housing sector or real estate, starting from the impact the purchase of building materials and housing aksesories but for the advertising sector is not affected much.
but the long run in mid-2008 I predicted this real estate sector will be affected by this global economic crisis.
I pray that with the increase of obama as a president can affect positively the economic policies so that the crisis which started from the United States will soon be over and then followed by a decline in global economic crisis

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Friday, March 13, 2009

puppet from Indonesia

I'd try to started at this time for posting some cultures of Indonesia.
for traditional artistry, one of staging that has been sticked with begin at group under till upper society comunity either on rural to city megapolitan is puppets art.
puppets by it self in the form of or it's seems differentiated in multiform for example shadow play from animal skin -wayang kulit-(usually made from cow or goat skin's), marionette-wayang golek-(formed from wood), puppets beber (painting above cloth), and people puppets-wayang orang--(its character is played by human with costume).there is also puppets that made by hay was named suket puppets
Puppetplays art has been confessed by UNESCO as the works of amazing culture in the field of naration story and beautiful heritage and very worth ((Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) in 7 November 2003.
story that played from to Ramayana and also Mahabarata story that indigenous to India, nevertheless by master art at Majapahit empire era, story is referred as electroplated [again], its figure and story are adapted for society hindu jawa at that time.
in other hand there is also menak Story that indigenous to Indonesia by it self
next at era islam enters Nusantara, story about puppets even also adapted for spreading islam, entered arrange its presentation. Character of punakawan (Semar, gareng, petruk, bagong) patrimony kalimasada (creed sentence), emerge music instrument for puppets attendant like peking, bonang, gambang, and other was added from this era.
puppets either in whatever form played by puppeteer(dalang) as narator. puppeteer is centers from show in shadow play, puppets beber, and also marionette unless people puppets. in people puppets though puppeteer as narator, nevertheless artist that play the part of character frequently improved until puppeteer role as narator a little eroded.

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Friday, March 6, 2009


it's feel been long time.
my brain empty.
have no idea
for writing something to share

i want to write about
puppet, puppet master
traditional dance from java, bali, malayan
traditional bali, java music

cause I had played that in my last ten years ago
Now, i don't have time to play again
my paper had gone to

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

blogger Review boost up your traffic

today I start joining into blogger review. From some blogs that I'd read, by joining into blogger review will boost up our traffic. Later, user also will be paid (in accordance with googlerank) each time posting and conduct posting according to tasks from blogger review.
my expectation by join forces with blogger review will be raced to conduct browsing, data selection, finally posting in

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

for 10,000 ec

if you are entrecard can get credit 10,000 ec that lil john wayne shared, take credit here its FREE. and do like this:
1. register in (it's gain your traffic too)
2. write a post about this news
3. comment at lil john wayne blogpost
4. all just get verified
so get the the contest as soon as you can, and get chance to be winner.

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Faringitis dropped me

kaynere said about faringitis

At this last four day, I have no time for browsing and blogging activity. Its cause faringitis that make me must bedrest. First time symptom that I feeling is headache that accompanied with fever, body is felt stiff. I think this effect from weather change that usually make influenza. in the reality after I drink paracetamol, that symptom only decreases for fever and headache only. whereas feel an itch at red lane growing felt hard. next my experienced of pain when swallow something, bulbar tonsil. and finally I lessen night activity and lessen smoking activity. In the reality that effort not too lessened its symptom and its painfull. finally I must take counsel with doctor.So I am knock down with faringitis akut or that caused by Streptosilus pyogenes, its sign is area inflamation faring with sign of have the shape of florid and gland tumescence limfe. Unfortunately, abscess inexistence peritonsilar or abscess parafaring that make me feel little better. finally doctor suggested to consume FG Troches, dexatoma etc. but in the reality after browsing, I get there is medicine experiences of its ligneous sweet, god crown (Phaleria macrocarpa). on how its ingredient I suggest you browsing in google.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Virtual CD

kaynere said about virtual CD
at the end of in 2008 last time, I have discussed about back up CD by using clone CD with its excess and insuffiency. now I will discuss about virtual CD. Virtual CD that I mentioned is we not have Hardware CDROM however we can operate files that made as ISO file or other image like nrg extention, image file notching from nero, *.ccd that is image file notching clone CD, *.ixa that is image file notching Ulead Video Studio, *.dao notching image file duplicator, *.cdi image file notching discjuggler, *.dmg, *.hfs, and *.timg for image file that formed in macintosh system operation, and other image file.
Whereas for its applying the usual are used its case example like this. you got game file downloading from torrent,whereas you want to use game are referred as soon as possible because your eager desire as real gamer. though us have no CDRW or another burning hardware .for that's the importance of Virtual CD . there is two virtual CD that suggested friends from IT community. that is Daemon tool and Ultra ISO.both of them you can search it on google search. I'd preferred to use UltraISO. because besides as virtual CD, this UltraISO I can just use to make image file, compile files for made become CD or Burning Software.
you can get UltraISO Free Trial in

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

virus conficker

kaynere said about virus conficker

Virus conficker is worm Mc Afee discovery date at 24/11/2008 . in Wikipedia found like this : Conficker, also known as Downup, Downandup and Kido, is a computer worm that surfaced in October 2008 and targets the Microsoft Windows operating system.[1] The worm exploits a known vulnerability in the Windows Server service used by Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and the Windows 7 Beta.[2][3]

This Worm very breakneck because of has infected millions of computer in the world, till Navy and air Prancis till America air force even also follow attacked virus Conficker. Experts internet security has been tried to handle this virus, although they actually know this virus is linked direct with nucleus/core server that give direct commands to virus that computer infection for downloading newest varians.

Newest Variant of conficker at this time ready to crack and brute force password computermachine that infected, afterwards softwares even also tries access 250th different domain name every its day, and downloading a new program to take over computer that has been infected .

This Virus can make access at website security and update antivirus becomes closed, make scheduled task by it self and come easy expand and make network becomes tardy. Even this virus also attacks Windows Vista and Windows 2008.

Virus 'Conficker.DV' use different spreading method from its predecessor. With its sophisticated, thats virus try to access network uses gap windows 'Default Share' (ADMIN$\system32) by guess password administrator.

In other hand 'Conficker.DV' also make file at media removable like flashdisk, harddisk and reader card by keep file hidden at root drive.
Meanwhile action in common like its predecessor, that is try to exploitating MS08-067 or security gap Windows, Windows Server Service or SVCHOST.exe. Many users that infected because of not activate feature Automatic Updates and guilty of no patch windows MS08-067.

Last news that I get this virus has attacked computer of German's defence department and Microsoft gives reward $250.000 for this head of virus maker.
(collected from many source)

for me there are some easy step to avoid this virus.
first : don't use windows system operation
second : if forced use windows, use antivirus that can be updated in offline like ESET NOD32, AVG, or other. because conficker closed antivirus automatically update
third : search in google. there is many way to eradicate conficker. this is one of them:
1.Decide computer that will be cleared of network/internet.
2. Kill system restore (Windows XP/Vista).
3. Kill active virus process at services. Use removal tool from Norman to clean active virus. If has not yet had, can be downloaded in norman sites.
4. Fake Delete service svchost.exe that inculcated virus at registry. You can look for manually at registry.
5. Vanish Schedule Task that made by virus. (C:\WINDOWS\Tasks)
6. Vanish strings registry [that] made by virus. for easy way, you can use this script registry (write in notepad)
Provider=Vaksincom Oyee


HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced,
Hidden, 0x00000001,1
HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced,
SuperHidden, 0x00000001,1
CheckedValue, 0x00000001,1
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\BITS, Start, 0x00000002,2
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ERSvc, Start, 0x00000002,2
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wscsvc, Start, 0x00000002,2
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv, Start, 0x00000002,2

HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, dl
HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, ds
HKLM, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, dl
HKLM, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, ds
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters, TcpNumConnections
then save in conficker repairs.inf don't forget change save as type in all files. then open this conficker repairs.inf or right click and install.
if your computer infected again these is my suggest : use linux ubuntu or GOS or many open source Operating system. You can found in google search

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Valentine's Day......

Kaynere said

about valentine's day

these that I got from wiki

(Saint) Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. In the West, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. The day was originally a pagan festival that was renamed after two Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

The day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "valentines". Modern Valentine symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten notes have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards.[1] The sending of Valentines was a fashion in nineteenth-century Great Britain, and, in 1847, Esther Howland developed a successful business in her Worcester, Massachusetts home with hand-made Valentine cards based on British models. The popularity of Valentine cards in 19th-century America was a harbinger of the future commercialization of holidays in the United States.[2]

The U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates that approximately one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year, behind Christmas. The association estimates that, in the US, men spend in average twice as much money as women

Valentine day are expressed just for affection utterance. but at era this time why valentine day is expressed with mass seks, race gets most at most virginity, naked action even teen naked together in media. technology freedom will be better if made balance to with adulthood and attitude wisdom

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