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Monday, March 18, 2013


VANNAMEI SHRIMP (Litopenaeus vannamei) is one type of shrimp introductions lately much in demand, because it has advantages such as disease resistance, rapid growth (maintenance period 100-110 days), survival during high maintenance and feed conversion rates (FCR) low (1:1,3). However, shrimp fish farmers who still considers limited capital that can only be cultivated vannamei shrimp intensively. This assumption turned out to be not entirely true, because the results of the study showed that vannamei can also be produced with traditional patterns. Even with the traditional patterns of farmers to produce larger crop size so the price per kilo gram becomes more expensive. The technology available today is still intensive and semi-intensive for the pattern, in terms of total area of ​​aquaculture in Indonesia that reaches about 360,000 ha, 80% produced by farmers who are less able.
Traditional patterns plus information technology for vannamei shrimp cultivation is still very limited. It is expected that this information could add insight users build vannamei shrimp cultivation traditional patterns plus.

1. Drying / processing subgrade
The water in the pond thrown, wild fish eradicated with saponin, remaining puddles in some places to be in the pump out. Furthermore yambak dried up cracks that need to be behind the tractor so that the use of H ² S disappeared due to oxidation. Completely drying can also kill bacterial pathogens that exist in the courtyard pond.

2. eradication of pest
Eradication fish with sapion 15-20ppm (7.5-10kg / ha) with water shooting high 5cm

3. Flotation and fertilization
To support the quality of soil and water make up done giving grilled lime (CaO), 1000 kg / ha, and agricultural lime as much as 320 kg / ha. then enter the water to the pond so that the pond water to be inundated with a height of 5 cm after fertilization with urea fertilizer (150 kg / ha), manure (2000 kg / ha).

4. charging water
Water filling made ​​after the entire pond bottom preparation has been completed and put into the pond water gradually. The height of the water left in the pond for 2-3 weeks until water conditions fully prepared littered shrimp. High water on the plot enlargement sought ≥ 1.0 m.


Vannamei shrimp fry Spreading made ​​after plankton grow well (7-10 days) after the buildup. Fry vanname used is PL 10 - PL 12 initial weight 0.001 g / fish hatchery that has been obtained from pathogen-free get recommendations, Specific Pathogen Free (SPF). Criteria for a good fry vannamei PL is achieved size - 10 or organ gills have perfect, uniform or flat, body and gut pins seeds, swim against the current.
Prior to stocking fry at first be acclimatized to the temperature by floating the bag containing the larva in ponds and watering slowly. While acclimation to salinity is done by opening the bag and given little by little pond water for 15-20 minutes. Furthermore fry bag and slowly tilted vannamei fry will come out by itself. Vannamei fry Spreading done in the daytime.
Dense stocking for traditional patterns without additional feed and fertilizer aftershocks rely solely 10% of the initial manure is 1-7 head / m². While an additional feed in the second maintenance, it is recommended to 8-10 dispersive solid head / m².


During maintenance, water quality monitoring include: temperature, salinity, transparency, pH and water depth and oxygen every day. In addition, the authors administered urea and TPS aftershocks every 1 week as much as 5-10% of the initial fertilizer (urea 150kg/ha) and fermented pro biotic given once a week in order to maintain the stability of plankton in the ponds. Liming with dolomite super aftershocks done when pH fluctuates. The feed is given on day 70 at which time the support of natural food (plankton) are reduced or shrimp growth began to slow. Doses given feed 5-2% of the biomass of shrimp with a frequency of 3kali / day which is 30% at 7:00 and 16:00, and 40% at 22.00. Substitution of water was first performed after shrimp aged ; 60 days with a volume change of 10% of the total volume, while the next is not until the harvest, the volume of water turnover increased 15-20% on any tide period. Before the age of the maintenance up to 60 days just as much as the addition of water lost due to evaporation or seepage. Water quality is decent for enlargement vannamei is optimal salinity of 10-25 ppt (tolerance 50 ppt), temperature of 28-31 ° C, oxygen > 4ppm, ammonia < 0.1 ppm, pH 7.5 to 8.2 and H ² S < 0.003 ppm

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