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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Detection and Cleaning Conficker / Recycler / Kido

Virus Conficker / Recycler / Kido this (hereinafter Conficker virus) is a virus that has spread to more than 10 million computers in the world. In Indonesia was estimated to have tens of thousands of computers infected with this virus. Very sophisticated distribution via the Internet, network, and the Autorun USB Flashdisk. This virus also take advantage of a bug in Microsoft Windows to infecting for most of the corporate network. Microsoft censure of this virus, and even Microsoft promised to provide $ 250,000 (Rp3 billion) to anyone who can catch the making of virus.

Maybe other sites already in very many ways the analysis and cleaning this virus Conficker for example vaksin, Kaspersky, Microsoft, and thousands of sites / other blogs. But almost all provide a solution that is not so clear and even the most technical things that confuse the user beginners. As a result, many users and beginners who are still confused ask how this virus cleaning. This paper aims to discuss only the easy way to detect and clean this virus Conficker.

Detecting whether your computer is infected with the virus Conficker?

1. Can not access the site security
Your computer is likely infected if your computer can not access sites such as,, or other sites associated with the following words:
nai, ca, AVP, avg, vet, bit9, sans, cert, windowsupdate, wilderssecurity, threatexpert, castlecops, spamhaus, cpsecure, arcabit, emsisoft, sunbelt, securecomputing, rising, prevx, pctools, norman, k7computing, ikarus, hauri, hacksoft, gdata, fortinet, ewido, clamav, comodo, quickheal, avira, avast, esafe, ahnlab, centralcommand, drweb, grisoft, eset, NOD32, F-Prot, jotti, Kaspersky, f-secure, computerassociates, networkassociates, etrust, panda, Sophos, trendmicro, McAfee, norton, Symantec, Microsoft, defender, rootkit, malware, spyware, virus

2. Hidden files can not be displayed
You can not show hidden files in the computer even though the settings have changed "show hidden" in the folder options or in Smadav.

During the scanning using Smadav, Smadav akan detect 1 registry value of the damaged caused by a virus conficker:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden \ SHOWALL

3. Smart-display Smadav Protection Alert
Smart-Protection (SmaRTP) Smadav display when the Alert Flashdisk dicolok to the infected computer. There are 2 files are detected, the address files detected akan shaped like this:
[x]: \ autorun.inf
[x]: \ RECYCLER \ S-5-3-42-2819952290-8240758988-879315005-3665 \ jwgkvsq.vmx

* [x] is a flash drive such as F, G, or H

You have been infected with a computer connected Smadav before, definitely will not be infected with this virus Conficker because SmaRTP will directly detect and remove them as soon as the USB Flashdisk connected.

Cleaning Conficker quite easy just by using the tools already made some anti-virus. In fact almost all Antivirus Import can clean the virus, provided that in the update. I suggest here 2 special tools to clean Conficker, namely PCMAV Express Conficker or Kidokiller Kaspersky.

1. Use one of PCMAV Express Conficker or Kidokiller Kaspersky.

Download PCMAV Express Conficker
how to use the open on this page: pcmav-express-for-conficker

Download Kaspersky Kidokiller
how to use the open on this page: Kidokiller Kaspersky

2. Windows Update Patch
Fixed bug to Microsoft and to prevent re-infection Conficker, Please Patch Windows Update page on Microsoft: MS08-067

3. Place SmaRTP Smadav
Already said before, You have been infected with a computer connected Smadav before, definitely will not be infected with this virus because Conficker akan SmaRTP directly detect and remove them as soon as the USB Flashdisk connected. So, good for the computers that were infected or not Conficker, attach Smadav in the computer so that it's safe infection.

For bloggers / other sites are expected to publish this article to help users who infected Conficker.
From Nafarin blog

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Owais said...

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