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Saturday, February 18, 2017

make crochet bag ~ my mom tutorial

Now I share my experiment as a reminder to personally of course. At the end of 2016, while on vacation at my Mom's House, I can't waste that opportunity to absorb some of the expertise of my Mom. That day I learned crochet. Mom said not only learn carelessly, make a product. 

So, with my lovely wife, we chose to make lace bag for women, a handmade product that is loved or being trendsetter in Indonesia. So I took a video to moment that. 

first step we must to make bottom of the bag, nope a bottom of your back ☺☺☺

second step we have to made chain for connecting side of bag

then connecting the bottom and side of bag

to fast ? this the slow motion video

then ended by make knitting or crochet the side of bag

That's all my reminder to make a handmade lace bag hopefully useful.

Video taken by My Android Smart Phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

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