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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Site Selection of Location Pond Aquaculture

A. General Considerations
  1. Climatic conditions (rainfall, flooding, speed, wind direction and other information)
  2. Easy access to markets
  3. What should be protected from the effects of disaster

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Classification of Pond Aquaculture

Ponds is an artificial water limited extent smaller than a lake, purposely created man for the purpose of Aquaculture and easily mastered in a sense easily filled with water, to dry, and easily managed in accordance with the purpose of fish farming

Classification / kind of Pond
Ground Pond

A. By way of making

There are two kinds of pond, the pond dike (dam) and a dig. Pond embankment dam built in a way or make a levee on one side or four-side location will be made pond. While dug pond constructed by digging ground level candidate pool, and then filled with water. The best way of making a pool is to merge the activities of digging and embank.

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