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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eye Ablation in Spawning Shrimp

Eye ablation was one of much Shrimp spawning technique that found at eighties. although it looks like a tortured parent shrimp but the technique is considered the best at that time.purpose of this eye ablation to decide the path ecdysteroid hormones that regulate molting and regeneration in the prawn. ecdysteroid hormone is synthesized in organs neuropeptide y on setting eyes on stalks. eye ablation is usually done by cutting the shrimp eye stalks will stimulate ecdysteroid secretion of hormones so that an accelerated molt cycle.
Activities eye ablation done on hard-skinned female shrimp are not new or at moulting condition. For new shrimp will experience stress if performed ablation.
Eye ablation can be done in various ways, either by cutting the stalk eyes and it could also divide the eye and remove the shrimp eyeballs, but ablation of the eye that is often done is by splitting the eye by using a razor blade tool and then removed his eyeballs right eye over which the female is held by way of folding the tail towards the stomach slowly so that the parent is not able to wriggle again when ablation is done after splitting the eyes and the scar was clean with a solution of treflan. This is done to prevent infection of the wound and then soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO) 1-2 ppm for one minute. After it is inserted into the female parent spawning tanks and united with the male parent. The success of ablation process of the eye characterized by swimming towards the front or the female parent to move forward after put into water.

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