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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tutorial / Pelatihan Naik Life Raft / Lifeboat pada Pelatihan Basic Training untuk Pelaut

Tahap 1. Terjun ke air dengan benar
Tahap 2. Tutorial naik liferaft dengan benar
Tahap 3. Praktek naik liferaft dengan benar oleh peserta pelatihan
Tahap 4. Praktek mengangkat korban tak sadar ke liferaft
Tahap 5. Tutorial membalikkan liferaft oleh instruktur
Tahap 6. Praktek membalikkan liferaft oleh peserta pelatihan
Tahap 7. Tutorial Turun dari Life Raft ke air dengan benar

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Tutorial / Pelatihan Pemadaman Api pada Basic Safety Training Pelaut

Briefing Teknis Pelemparan Selang Pemadam Oleh Instruktur Basic Safety Training

Praktek Pelemparan Selang Pemadam Api oleh Peserta Pelatihan Basic Safety Training

Praktek Pelemparan Selang Pemadam Api oleh peserta Pelatihan Basic Safety Training lanjutan

Praktek menggulung Selang Pemadam Api oleh peserta Pelatihan Basic Safety Training dengan benar

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Animasi Keripik Sukun Mbok Darmi by Heri Kurniawan

Animasi ini menang kancah internasional nih, kebanggan Indonesia. majulah Animator Indonesia

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to cultivation of Silk Worm

Silk worm or tubifex was one of the natural food fish were very important in the larval stage. Besides silk worm was also an irreplaceable natural feed on fresh water ornamental fish. During this tubifex only captured from the wild, which in rainy period would be hard to find, cause of the mud where they lives were abundant river water erosion.So there needs to be solution for tubifex availability throughtout the year with the way cultivate them.
So what were the need to be prepared to cultivate, prepare your notes
First. preparation mud media
The best medium for the cultivation tubifex sludge obtained from the base mud catfish pond. Then mixed with bran and poultry manure. Take that mixture for media cultivation tubifex 5-10 cm thickness.
Second. Experiment media
Mixture media that has been placed in pond, then started to flood the pond for 3 days, then discard the water.
Third. inoculated tubifex as seed. 
more tubifex more faster population growth, sooner to be harvested.
Fourth. drainage water with a depth 3-5 cm. much better water used was wastewater pond catfish.
Fifth. feeding or fertilizing.
feed or fertilizer used was poultry manure, siftings, chopped cabbage and tofu waste. 2 times a week.

Ok. have a try and good luck. hopefully inspiring.

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