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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Post Harvest Gracilaria Pond

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
these is a following information addition that kaynere get about after crop of sea grass

Industry materials

Main and important Polisakarida from group red sea weeds (entered Gracilaria, sp) it's in order to and karagenan. Second polisakarida are referred as many exploited in various of industry areas, in consequence, have high enough economic value. In other hand world sales demand will be second polisakarida are referred from year to year growing level.
Besides used as staple in food industry, jelly is referred can be also used as materials additive in pharmacy industry, cosmetic, household need, food, paint, textile and still much more, with

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

a note in a pond Gracilaria

Aquaculture Fisheries Development : I plan to do business in the field cultivation of brackish pond for cultivation of grass species Gracilaria.
here is some note that I received a note based on a survey of some of this type of business, so I can learn.

Biology Gracilaria sp

Seaweed is a huge weed (Macroalgae) which is a plant-level and low to include in the Divisio Thallophyta.
Thallophyta plant is a division of it's morfology consists of thallus. This plant does not have any roots, stem and leaf sterling. Function of the third part is replaced by thallus.
Three main classes of seaweed divisio

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

real estate in global economy crisis

at the end of 2008, the economic crisis that has been infecting U.S. effect on the world economy in general.
developing countries in general affected the economic crisis of the United States is becoming the next global economic crisis.
crisis in Indonesia has a real impact on the sector in this case I used as the production sector from the use of export and import
but in the services sector, does not influence directly.
for example in the housing sector or real estate, starting from the impact the purchase of building materials and housing aksesories but for the advertising sector is not affected much.
but the long run in mid-2008 I predicted this real estate sector will be affected by this global economic crisis.
I pray that with the increase of obama as a president can affect positively the economic policies so that the crisis which started from the United States will soon be over and then followed by a decline in global economic crisis

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Friday, March 13, 2009

puppet from Indonesia

I'd try to started at this time for posting some cultures of Indonesia.
for traditional artistry, one of staging that has been sticked with begin at group under till upper society comunity either on rural to city megapolitan is puppets art.
puppets by it self in the form of or it's seems differentiated in multiform for example shadow play from animal skin -wayang kulit-(usually made from cow or goat skin's), marionette-wayang golek-(formed from wood), puppets beber (painting above cloth), and people puppets-wayang orang--(its character is played by human with costume).there is also puppets that made by hay was named suket puppets
Puppetplays art has been confessed by UNESCO as the works of amazing culture in the field of naration story and beautiful heritage and very worth ((Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) in 7 November 2003.
story that played from to Ramayana and also Mahabarata story that indigenous to India, nevertheless by master art at Majapahit empire era, story is referred as electroplated [again], its figure and story are adapted for society hindu jawa at that time.
in other hand there is also menak Story that indigenous to Indonesia by it self
next at era islam enters Nusantara, story about puppets even also adapted for spreading islam, entered arrange its presentation. Character of punakawan (Semar, gareng, petruk, bagong) patrimony kalimasada (creed sentence), emerge music instrument for puppets attendant like peking, bonang, gambang, and other was added from this era.
puppets either in whatever form played by puppeteer(dalang) as narator. puppeteer is centers from show in shadow play, puppets beber, and also marionette unless people puppets. in people puppets though puppeteer as narator, nevertheless artist that play the part of character frequently improved until puppeteer role as narator a little eroded.

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Friday, March 6, 2009


it's feel been long time.
my brain empty.
have no idea
for writing something to share

i want to write about
puppet, puppet master
traditional dance from java, bali, malayan
traditional bali, java music

cause I had played that in my last ten years ago
Now, i don't have time to play again
my paper had gone to

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