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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cyber War, Pentagon was Ready

kaynere have some email send from my friend. but i don't know are these i wanna shared for all of blogger. here the message :
Latest news from the Pentagon, Washington DC, USA stated that the Government of the United States defense system is being designed and new weapons for the war in the cyber world, because at this time centers Computers, Government Administration, Banking, Private companies and institutions, important institutions other in the U.S. each day to receive thousands of cyber attacks from the World (Cyber Attacks) in the form of attacks from Hackers and from the Government with the purpose of Foreign possible, steal data or damage to data, other important data.

Which is still a debate among them, this is a place where World War command Center this cyber, if combined with the National Security Agency (NSA), or have under the Central Military Commando Pentagon. This comes as the debate at this time has been allocated funds of tens of Billion Dollar to avert attacks from the cyber world of computers in the U.S..

President Barack Obama on Friday is on 29 May 2009 planned to issue a decision on the important role Military command coordination with the Pentagon and the NSA more experience in the cyber attack in the World (Digital War).

The decision to form the Center for World War Commando's cyber Obama is one more step forward from the preceding, former President Bush ordered the only response to attack the U.S. Computer-computer without a clear strategy. Center for World War Commando cyber this initial stage is the ability to coordinate defense and cyber attacks on the World War the four U.S. Armed Forces are currently spread without any coordination.

Officials of the U.S. to circumvent the question of how strong offensive attack that will be done by the Center for World War cyber command U.S., but is estimated to be comparable to the war in the battlefield in the Reak world military.

The increasingly warm "Star Wars" in the framework of Presidential Elections on July 8th 2009 in Indonesia, there was still a defense against the attack of the World Cyber War in Indonesia?

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Erik said...

Our government recently established a huge new monitoring and cyber warfare base about an hour from San Antonio, TX. I can confirm that for you that the United States Air Force Cyber Command is now based in San Antonio Texas at Lackland AFB. You can easily find additional information by searching that info.

Here's to peace in humanity's heart.