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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Various kinds Gill net Used in Indonesia

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
1. Based on the arrest / positions in the waters Gill net
a. Surface Gill net or floating Gill net (surface Gill net)
Gill net type is installed or operated in surface waters. At one end of the nets or on both ends tied to the anchor rope, so that the location (position) specified by the location of the nets into the anchor. Some combined
into one piece, and the number of piece must be adapted to the circumstances fishing ground. Float line (rope floats, rope almost above) are on the water surface (surface). Thus, the direction of the range with the current direction, wind and so forth can be seen.
b. Mid water Gill net (Gill net mid)
Gill net type was operated in the mid-waters (between the surface and bottom waters).
c. Bottom Gill net (Gillnet basic)
Bottom Gill net operated in bottom waters. At both ends of the anchor tied nets, so the location of the nets will be given. At the bottom gill net, extended nets near the bottom of the sea. The types of fish which it has been catching fish is the base (bottom fish) or demersal fishes. Net position can be estimated on the float-flagged / marked placed on both sides end the net, but it can not be known whether the bad stretch of the net itself. Operating together with surface gill net arrest. The difference is only the net position in the water.
In general, the area to gill net fishing ground is an area of ​​beaches, bays, estuaries that lead to all kinds of fish caught can be various types.
The types of shrimp, lobster also the arrest of these nets. Klitik nets or Lapdu nets is one type of bottom Gill net.

2. Based on the method of operation / arrest
a. Fixed (sets) Gill net
These gill nets are settled on the surface, base, or at a certain height on it by using ballast or anchor which can balance the buoyancy buoy.
b. Drift Gillnet (Gillnet float)
Drift Gill net often also called a drift net, drift Gill net salmon, salmon drift trammel net, or drift nets. This net position is determined by the anchor, but drifted to move freely follow the direction of current movement. On the one hand from the edge nets laid rope, and rope is connected with the ship, drifting movement of the ship more or less also can affect the net position. Apart from the forces currents, waves, the wind strength will also affect the state of drift nets.

Drift Gill net can be used to pursue the hordes of fish, and is an important tool for capturing high seas fisheries. Because of its position is not determined by the anchor, then the influence of flow speed on the net body force can be neglected. Net movement in conjunction with the flow of movement so that the prisoners of the net against the current can be ignored.

The fish that became the purpose of arrest, among others, saury, sardine, mackerel, flying fish, skipjack, tuna, salmon, herring, and others.
c. Surrounding Gill net (Gill net circumference)
Hordes of fish circled the net. In order to fish gang circled / captured perfectly, then the form of net operating when there is a circle, half circle, a V or U shape, like a twisted groove band and many other types.

Fish after netting surrounded in a circle, made ​​surprise, so the fish will be caught in the mesh. Sometimes on the inside of the circle stretched too few a few pieces of netting, so the possibility of fish that has ensnared all cooped up will be faster. High net cultivated according to the depth of the waters. Sinker line should touch the bottom waters.

This fishing gear used by fishermen to catch fish that live in reef waters that is by installing fishing gear around or encircling reefs, and then carried out the expulsion of the fish by spraying water. Fish that panic is expected to be caught by the nets.
3. Under construction
a. Ordinary Gill net
Gill nets are nets body consists of only one layer.

b. Gill net tier two
Gill net type is a modification of two Gill net where 2 nets are operated together. The purpose of arrest is a type of shrimp.

c. Trammel net (Gill net plated three)
Trammel net is one kind of bottom Gill net advanced and specialized to catch shrimp. Trammel net is a gill net consisting of three layers of netting. One layer of the inside (inner set), and two outer layers (outer set). Mesh size nets lining the inside of the mesh size is smaller than the outer layer. Operation can be done anytime, but in certain seasons is very prominent tool for catching shrimp. The principle of operation vary according to the condition of waters. Can be installed settled and straight stretches against the current, or set the net straight stretches and then withdrawn by forming a circle with a net haul road.
4. Based on the type of fish caught
a. Nets song, this type of fishing song Gillnet sardinella (Pelabuhan Ratu in West Java, Indonesia)
b. Loang nets, catch fish, pomfret Formio niger (in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia)
c. Shrimp nets
d. Etc.
5. According to the material / yarn nets
a. Monofillament Gillnet
b. Multifilament Gillnet
Aquaculture Fisheries Development

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These gill nets are settled on the surface, base, or at a certain height on it by using ballast or anchor which can balance the buoyancy buoy.