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Monday, January 26, 2009

configure UTP Cable in Cross Type

kaynere said ...
this post just remembering me about configuring of cross UTP cable for LAN. because i'm unmindfull person. so i've take my note every where. and blogger accomodating on it.
OK this is the combination cable for cross UTP cable.
on my left side
1.white green
2. green
3. white orange
4. blue
5. white blue
6. orange
7. white brown
on my right side must be
1. white orange
2. orange
3. white green
4. blue
5. white blue
6. green
7. white brown
8. brown.
just like that. if i'd mistake I'll corrected later.

11 komentar:

tripzibit said...

kabelnya banyak amat bos?

Carlos said...

Hi,thanks for the visit.Cheers.

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

hi there!
Come for a visit!

Carlos said...

Hi again. ;)

Ali Munandar said...

kayaknya gampang prakteknya ketimbang teori ..soalnya saya pernahgagal di test teori dan lulus ditest prakteknya ...

Sarodjo Siswo Utomo said...

to tripzibit : there much cable on your brain too my MAN...
to Carlos : you have amazing link.can i add your link ?
to Chloe : how do I can back drop on u?
to Ali Munandar : cause of that done that slogan "learning by doing" just like me.keep learning till u end man

Rammyboi said...

tnx for droppin by my blog. nice post. it reminds me of my CCNA Networking class. how to create a crossover lan cable withthe use of CAT-5 Cable, RJ-45 and Crimper :D

Game_Lover said...

I want ask to you...why you not install shout box in your blog .....!

pliz install in your blog, thx

Game_Lover said...

Your shout box nothing, anyway no problem if you not have shout box...!

cause I'll still be your friend :D

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Anonymous said...

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