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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Practice Mikrotik's Setting

kaynere said...

At this moment, I just want to share experience, make router with Mikrotik with two IP ADDRES. Both of them connecting each other. As the description, this IP address that we used.

IP for public (ordinary used for internet)
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
GateWay :

Local IP (for local networking)
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Gateway :

From that description, so we had two different IP ADDRESS but same gateway and DNS.

Prepare Mikrotik CD (with the crack  )
1. Prepare your PC minimum spec Pentium II Hard Disk 10 GB, 2 LAN Card
2. Make boot from CD in BIOS
3. Boot with MIkrotik CD, press a for installing all of Mikrotik component
4. Press I for Install
5. Press N for not to keep old configuration
6. Press Y to continue
7. Waiting until end process
8. Press Enter to reboot (be sure that your CD installation was remove)
9. Login with username :admin and don’t fill password
10. Change default Mikrotik with your name or something you like it, type edit in system identity than enter
Type value name : name
Delete Mikrotik and change with name you Like example kaynere then press CTRL+O
11. Then change password with type Yor New Password and Retype your new password that you had change
12. Please take a look your interface ( to investigate how many LAN Card at your PC
Type interface print than press enter
13. Change ether1 and ether (so you have 2 LAN Card) with Public IP and Local IP
Type interface edit0 than press enter (with purpose change ether1 name’s)
Value-name : name
Than delete ether1 and change with public than press CTRL+O
Type interface edit than press enter (for changing ether1 name)
Value-name : name
Delete ether2 and change with local than press CTRL+O
check interface view, type interface print than enter. So ether1 and ether2 changed with public and local
14. Now Set IP Address just like on the top page.
type ip address add
Address : ( /24 for represent
Interface : public
Now set local
type ip address add
Address : ( /24 for represent
Interface : local
Now check your IP address set that you have change, type ip address print
15. Make gateway for IP router
From that description on top page, so gateway that we used are
Type ip route add gateway=
Than check your change with type ip route print
16. Configuring IP DNS
type : ip dns edit primary-dns
Delete and change with and than press CTRL+O
If your DNS we used are so we have to set or configuring like this :
type : ip dns edit allow-remote-requests
delete no and change with yes than press CTRL + O
17. Last step was configuring NAT
type: ip firewall nat add chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface=public

for client IP address set to with subnetmask :, gateway dan DNS :

here we are our routing. This page presented by chungchin and translated by kaynere. Just for document reminder.
Danke, Gracias…

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