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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fish Feed : how to made

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
Started this post I will discuss about the making of fish meal

Artificial feed is the feed that had been made from several types of raw materials with specific nutritional formulations. Artificial feed of good quality must meet criteria such as:
1. Nutrient content of feed, especially protein must be in accordance with the needs of fish
2. The diameter of the feed must be smaller than the size of the fish's mouth opening
3. Digestible feed

4. Nutritional feed easily absorbed body
5. Having a sense of the preferred fish
6. Low ash content of
7. High levels of effectiveness

Form of artificial fish food is determined by the fish eating habits., Such as:
1. Solution
Larval used as fish feed (ages 2 to 30 days). There are 2 kinds of solution, namely: (1) Emulsion, material together with water soluble solvent; (2) suspension, which dissolved substances are not integrated with the water solvent.
2. Flour
Used as feed seeds (20-40 days old). Flour obtained from the crushed crumbs.
3. Meal
Seeds used as feed spindles (40-80 days old). Meal was also obtained from the crushed crumbs.
4. Crumbs
Used as feed large logs / fish responsibility (80-120 days old). Crumbs from crushed pellets into coarse grains.
5. Pellet
Used as an adult fish that have been weighing> 60-75 g and aged> 120 days.
6. Waver
Derived from the emulsion is spread on the mat aluminum or zinc and dried, then knead.


Artificial feed to complement the existence of natural feed, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Type of tool used to make fish feed consists of;
1. Powdered tool (grinder)
2. Mixer (mixer)
3. Steamed tool
4. Display devices (pelleting)
5. Dryer (dryer)
6. Equipment packing (packing)

1. Powdering tool

Powdering tool (Figure 1) has a variety of capacities, generally measured by the amount of flour produced per unit of time. Similarly, the softness of the resulting flour is highly dependent on the type of appliance. There are two types of devices include powdering tool;
1. Disk mill
2. Hammer mill
Disk mill works by turning a pair of steel metal disk that rotates one and the other as a foundation. Raw materials will be on powdered two metal pieces. Hammer mill hammer works on the principle by hitting a raw material that will powdered.

Powdered material aims to facilitate a variety of raw materials are uniformly mixed in a mixing tool and to help digestion of fish.
2. Mixer

Raw material mixer has a size that depends on the capacity of equipment. The type of equipment used, among others;
1. Horizontal mixing
2. Vertical mixing
3. Steamed tool

Steamed dough from a mixture of raw materials can be made from various materials. For small scale can be used steamer or a specific container in accordance with the size of many materials. Materials other than steaming aims to bind the materials (compact) also kill the microbes that cause decay of materials.

4. Feed Printer Tools

Feed is based on the desired production capacity. For small-scale devices can be used meat counter, while the production scale used automatic pelleting equipment, the length and diameter of pellets can be arranged as needed.
5. Equipment

Dryer ( in a simple or more complex. For small-scale pellets by drying the printout under the sun. As for the scale of production must be made a special dryers for production capacity buffer is set.
Aquaculture Fisheries Development.

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