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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fish Feed : How to made 2

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
C. Feed RAW

Quality of artificial feed is determined among others by the quality of existing materials. This is because other than that contained in the nutritional value of raw materials must comply with the needs of fish, this artificial feed also liked the fish better taste, aroma, etc. that can stimulate fish to eat artificial feed it.

1. Types of Raw Materials

Fish feed raw materials are generally divided into three major groups namely:

• Raw Vegetable among others consists of;

a. F. soy flour Fine bran
b. G. cornstarch Flour leaves Lamtoro
c. Flour h. Cassava leaf flour
d. I. tapioca Peanut flour
e. J. sago flour Palm cake

• Animal material consisted of, among others;

a. E. fish flour Flour BENAWA / crab
b. Fish Silase f. Blood Flour
c. Flour shrimp g. Bone flour
d. Squid flour h. Flour liver

• Additional materials include consist of:
a. Vitamins
b. Mineral
c. Anti oxidants
Ingredients: phenols, vitamin E, vitamin C, etoksikulin (1,2 dihydro-6-etoksi-2, 2.4 trimethyquinoline), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluena), and BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole).
d. Antibiotics
e. Kitchen salt (NaCl)
Serve as material pelezat (savory), prevent the laundering process other substances contained in the fish food ingredients.
f. Material Adhesives
Examples of adhesive materials: jelly, gelatin, wheat flour, sago flour, etc., is best and tapioca starch.
g. Yeast
Leaven is a type of fungus that can alter the carbohydrate
into alcohol and CO2. Kinds of yeast: yeast tape, yeast bread, and beer.

1. Fish Feed Formulation

Fish feed must contain nutritional composition in accordance with the needs of fish, so fish can grow optimally. To meet the appropriate nutrient composition of a formulation of feed made in accordance with the nature and size of fish. To make this feed formulation must be considered is the criterion of raw materials to be used.

Criteria of selected raw materials are:
1. Has a high nutritional value.
2. Easily obtained
3. Easily processed
4. Not toxic
5. Prices are relatively cheap
6. Not a human staple food

Methods used in feed formulations are made;
1. Method square / rectangular
2. Linear method
3. Trial and error method

Of the method is the easiest and the result is close to precision square method. For example, calculations using the square method is as follows;
For example, would be 20 kg of fish feed with protein content of 35%, of the feed material consisting of; fish meal, fine bran, corn flour, wheat flour and soy flour. Of the material is viewed as a basic protein further calculations. First separated materials are included in the basal protein having a protein content <20> 20%.
By looking at the composition table of a protein derived materials;
Basal protein; Protein Supplements
Fine bran protein Protein 15.58% fish Flour 62.99%
Protein cornstarch 9.50% soy protein fluor 46.36%
Protein wheat flour 12.27%
Number of Total 37.35% 109.35%
Average 12.45% Average 54.68%
Basal protein

Protein supplements
From these calculations it is obtained
Basal protein
-->19,68 % : 42.23% x100% = 46,60% which consists of: 1. Bran fine = 46.60%: 3=15.53%
2. Corn flour = 46.60%: 3 = 15.53%
3. Wheat flour= 46.60%: 3 = 15.53%

Protein supplement 22,55% :42.23 % x 100% = 53,40 % which consists of : 1. Fish flour 53,40 % : 2 = 26,70 %
2. Soy protein flour 53,40 % : 2 = 26,70 %

So to make the fish feed as many as 20 Kg of raw material required as follows;
1. Bran fine 15.53% x 20 Kg = 3,11 kg
2. Corn flour 15.53% x 20 Kg = 3,11 kg
3. Wheat flour 15.53% x 20 Kg = 3,11 kg
4. Fish flour 26,70 % x 20 Kg = 3,11 kg
Soy protein flour 26,70 % x 20 Kg = 3,11 kg

From this square method deficiencies found that the protein content of all materials included in the basal protein is assumed to equal the average results, as well as all materials are included in protein supplements are assumed to equal the average results. Therefore, the protein content of the raw materials that go in each group both basal and protein supplements, should be sought not so different from real.
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