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Monday, March 10, 2014

Morfologi Silk Worm (Tubifex Sp)

silk worms or tubifex in taxonomy classified as nematodes. called as the silk worms because these worms have a body that is soft and very soft just like silk. silk worms, hair worms or blood worms are small-sized worms with long reddish colored hair 1-3 cm, with a maroon body with segments. These worms live in colonies forming clear waters rich in organic matter.
This worm is one of the benthos that live at the bottom of freshwater tropical and sub-tropical regions. bottom waters are favored as his place was muddy and contain organic material, which has as its main food decomposes and settles in the bottom waters.
Tubifex worms are small, sleek, rounded and consists of 30-60 segments. The worm's body is composed of two layers of longitudinal and circular muscles throughout the body. This species has a small gap digestive tract began mouth to the anus. in the substrate, its tail on the surface of the water and serves as a breathing apparatus that diffuses directly with air.
Each body part stocky abdomen and back and a forked end without hair. erythrocrourin containing blood pigment, one of the red blood pigment. The main food algae, diatoms and detritus from a wide variety of animals and plants a low level.
Oligochaeta tubifex worms have engaged with peristaltic contractions. Circular muscle contraction and elongation of the body segments is the most important thing in slow in movement and always generates pressure of body fluids. longitudinal muscle contraction is very important in exploring, expanding excavation or attach themselves to the walls of the excavated space

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