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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

real estate in global economy crisis

at the end of 2008, the economic crisis that has been infecting U.S. effect on the world economy in general.
developing countries in general affected the economic crisis of the United States is becoming the next global economic crisis.
crisis in Indonesia has a real impact on the sector in this case I used as the production sector from the use of export and import
but in the services sector, does not influence directly.
for example in the housing sector or real estate, starting from the impact the purchase of building materials and housing aksesories but for the advertising sector is not affected much.
but the long run in mid-2008 I predicted this real estate sector will be affected by this global economic crisis.
I pray that with the increase of obama as a president can affect positively the economic policies so that the crisis which started from the United States will soon be over and then followed by a decline in global economic crisis

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