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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Post Harvest Gracilaria Pond

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
these is a following information addition that kaynere get about after crop of sea grass

Industry materials

Main and important Polisakarida from group red sea weeds (entered Gracilaria, sp) it's in order to and karagenan. Second polisakarida are referred as many exploited in various of industry areas, in consequence, have high enough economic value. In other hand world sales demand will be second polisakarida are referred from year to year growing level.
Besides used as staple in food industry, jelly is referred can be also used as materials additive in pharmacy industry, cosmetic, household need, food, paint, textile and still much more, with
various of functions for example as emulsifier, fastener (binder) and filler.

Fast Food

Fast Food that can be made of sea grass Gracilaria sp, it's dodol or pudding Gracilaria. Required just for made dodol Gracilaria, is paper jelly Gracilaria, so this dodol are called also pudding. Other Materials networked is materials of food colourant, esense, sugar, milk and coconut mink. Whereas networked equipments is stove, churn, container and printing; mould in order to.
To make dodol or pudding jelly, a sheet of paper jelly are sawed up and soaked water during minute 2-3, then braised in 3 water glass or milks or coconut mink, till altogether dissolve. Hereinafter enhanced colourant materials, esense, sugar, brown, etc in accordance with appetite. Later, dough elasticated and printed in pudding printed, until obtained/got pudding or dodol jelly.

Another time if
if kaynere's age still long will post more about this seaweed Gracilaria.
Aquaculture Fisheries Development.

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