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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Handling for Ship's State Emergency

Post kaynere this time about the handling of emergency on the ship. and because a lot of material. the event will be a prolonged or continuing post.


Ship that sailed across the various areas of sea in a certain period of time with the thrust to move the speed varies. Travel can be experienced in a variety of problems caused by various factors, among others, natural, human and technical aspects that can not be estimated by the ability of human beings will eventually
disrupt the voyage.

Interference on the cruise can be an essentially interference that can be solved directly, need to receive direct assistance from a certain party, or interference in the entire crew should be involved in the disruption or even leaving the ship.

An emergency this can hurt all parties, both crew, boat owners and will even damage the environment / ecosystem seabed. It is necessary for the understanding of this condition by an emergency crew / crew as candidates so that they may have the basic ability to identify signs of an emergency.

Sketch making an emergency on board is required to handle an emergency situation can be done well. It is necessary for the planning and preparation, organizing, and action to make a preliminary response, and the provision of emergency supplies is a major requirement for achieving success.


Emergency is a situation other than normal circumstances that have a tendency or potential harm, both for human safety, property and environment. Emergency procedures are the way of / manual work in a state of emergency to cope, with the intent to prevent or reduce further loss or bigger.

Accidents can happen on the ship at any time in the voyage, both are anchored and are doing activities in the port of loading and unloading, although efforts have been made to avoid it. To protect the sea and prevent the risk in an activity on board, each party shall consider the provisions stipulated in the Health and Safety Work Act 1974, particularly concerning health and safety, both in normal and emergency circumstances.



1. Internal Procedure (Local)
This is an internal procedure guidelines for the implementation of each section / department, with the understanding that an emergency occurred can still be handled by the parts concerned, without involving ships or port of the local business.

2. General Procedure (Main)
It is the company's overall guidelines and the state of emergency has been large enough or at least can be dangerous to other ships or the dock / terminal.


The state of emergency on the ship can hurt all parties, it is necessary for understanding the conditions of emergency as well as possible. Crashes that occur on cruise ships during the voyage, in principle can occur when and wherever. Interference in accordance shipping situations and conditions grouped into a state of emergency based on the type of incident itself. Thus, according to the situation and conditions then the types of emergencies can be grouped as follows:
1. Collision
2. Fire / explosion
3. Strand
4. Leakage / sink
5. People fell to the sea
6. Pollution
7. Explosion
8. Reaction of dangerous cargo
9. Shifting cargo
10. Engine damage
11. Bad weather
12. War / piracy.


Efforts in preventing the occurrence of an emergency are:

1. Hull and the engine must be strong and qualified.
2. Tools and equipment must be maintained properly and in accordance with the regulations.
3. News weather should be monitored at any time.
4. Fruit Ship child must have physical and mental ability, educated and skilled.
5. Crew Ship's must have a high discipline and able to cooperate among them.

There are four planning guides that need to be followed:

1. Commando Center, a group that controls the activities under the command of captain or equipped device and Senior Internal and external Communication.
2. Emergency Unit, a group of this under an officer must be ready to help with the main group of central command, recommend what action should be taken.
3. Supporters of this group under a senior officer should assist the group with the main command center and provide assistance such as equipment, supplies, medical assistance etc..
4. The Engine Group, a support group under the engineer or senior engineer to provide assistance over the command center.
My post this time was still less than perfect. and planned to be continued in next post. So see you next post.

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