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Sunday, February 1, 2009

batik lasem

kaynere and miyabi said.... -->
If you have time to pay a visit to Rembang, middle jawa, Indonesia, use opportunity intentionally stop by in city Lasem. Don't ever passed. Its section, Lasem rich in historic ommission, both for relate to history Wali Songo (spreader exponent Islam) and also Tionghoa.
In other hand, Lasem keeps types of people crafting type, one of them batik crafting writes specific pesisiran (beach land area). So that state outsider, especially from Japan, The Netherlands, UK, and America are captivated to batik lasem.
Usually people identically with Solo and Pekalongan. Though, besides both area referred as there is still other area that also produce batik writes that not fail beautiful its, that is Lasem. The city of district in Rembang around 12 east direction kilometres city this Rembang broadness 45,04 square kilometres with people around amount 44.879 people (Kompas's Research and Development, 2003).
Purportedly merchantmen Tionghoa migrant that coming to Lasem give major effect to
batik pattern in this area. A lot then become batik entrepreneur in city this.
Production Batik Lasem have the pattern of specific, especially colour press out it that look like blood red chicken, that purportedly can not be imitated by batik artist from other area. Other Specification lay ins its pattern that is aliance of culture influence Tionghoa, local culture north coastal area society, and culture keraton (Surakarta and Yogyakarta).
When make design for their motif of production batik, entrepreneurs batik Lasem is influenced
their ancestor culture like its trust and legend. Bird hong decorative Types and animal
legendaric kilin (a kind of lion) etc they pack into their motif of production batik. Even, Chinese clasicall love story like Sam Pek Eng Tay ever become batik motif in this area. No surprise if later, production batik Lasem is often conceived of batik “Encim”. “Encim” is clan mention halfblooded Tionghoa for woman that its age has continued.
In other hand culture influence keraton Surakarta and Yogyakarta is also seen at batik motif lasem, between
other at ornamen kawung, big knife etc. Meanwhile influence of coastal area culture is seen at its colour fair like ruddle, blue, yellow and green.
Once see batik lasem, sure liver will interest. Because, that batik is made pass by quite complicated process, without use machine or sophisticated technology. Altogether conducted by hand, until had art value that enough tinggi. Its making process pass by nine phases. First, cut cloth that adapted for its size. Afterwards, given pattern (picture), later, nerusi (picture completion), brick up (close picture with wax;candle), colour, decline (clean wax;candle), and put to the sun.
After run dry, that batik cloth pressed then packed and ready to sold.
wanna another link of batik check this

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