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Saturday, February 14, 2009

my improvement development traffic

kaynere said ...
Currently I learn and try in order to my blog more knowledgeable by searcher machine on the chance of pagerank my blog go ups. My which during the time efforts conducts for example :
1. involve names that often looked for people when browsing. This tips I'd got when I've visited to blogs recognized one of them is kang rohman.
The example (though go to sites that include negative matter) miyabi and maria ozawa, mikrotik, batik and other.
Nevertheless in the reality that thing not yet enough, because google adsense that as third party that I invite join for in my blog this not shows different advertisement type. That I expect with iklanyang differ referred as people will to conduct clicking advertisement is referred
2. visit to blogs that I feel quite draw usual my mention blogwalking. At my this method usual browsing for a keyword “ recognized” + blog, until later at first sequence later will emerge blog with most at most pagerank. With pagerank that many referred , usually blog are referred [as] quite a few visited illusory humans of world devotee. That more advantageous next for me, blog are referred as figure in media chat that usually blogger enhances their link . by this way I can advertize about my blog. Hereinafter I ask (courteously) to them to visit my blog and enhance comment about my blog and I it is of course not forget to enhance my blog link. If they showed positive response, later on blogger are referred as become my active visitor, I ask their link in order to I can enter into blog roll to blog page that I have. And instead they also enter link my blog in their blog roll. I feel that a fair advantage.
3. Register at forums or milis or website that can improve traffic to our blog. This Way recently I conduct at the instance of my friend Tripzibit that has succeeded get $118 from google adsense (though cut Rp 250.000 from Citibank). One of them is follow in entrecard. Problem that one this I have not yet can much comments because of this matter, have been new for me.

Forthright just the first and second matter having taken steps in the reality traffic I not experience of improvement nevertheless by undertaking third matter, in sight the result.
Following is matter that I conduct to improve traffic and earnings from google adsense, even still in my study
- Enlist at google webmaster from here I know that robot crawl google not knows existence of my blog become pagerank I not go up
- Enlist at adsblacklist, its target for filltering my advertisements in order to get big fee take examples one click till $12. Has been tested, 1 month earnings my can till $50 (hopefully google adsense never banned my blog this because of my honest –like political party advertisements)

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Free Information said...

I Have Added YOur link in mY blog..
Thank's (^_^)..he..3x