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Sunday, February 1, 2009

kaynere and miyabi said :Why a lot of Blogger failed?

kaynere and miyabi said…

Why very difficult to stay become blogger professional. Most of we always fail. In meaning will never produce money in continuous, or has tried but remain to be just has not yet succeeded to get Money from Blog. Following is things required to you pay attention in order to you not fail in elaborate or become professional Blogger :

1. Don't Motivated with money
If you blogging just for money, when come up with third month in blog life and you only get a few/little moneys, its challenge is were wether you still there on fourth and so on when you not produce at all. Focus at motivation in enjoying process in writing topic that you mind and interact with others in common its interest with you. You will require energy that more, will enjoy journey and care of it till really produce nice in financial.

2. Don't start a blog about produce money from blogging or produce online money unless you have made nice money from blog and internet business or internet business and can present this information in a way that have not yet conduct by others (unique stylistic, unique life experience, etc). Rule in common also go into effect at topic that already chockablock experts. No come into question you blogging about a topic that you enjoy and maybe you have not yet expert there, but if there is hundreds of blog that look like your property but a single that will get credibility properly. Credibility can be got from verification or pass quality from information that you give, usually come from experienced one who. If seen to be difficult, don't complicate your life. And find topic that can you domination.

3. Select niche wrong ones
Like enter stock that intrude can drop a blog, blogging about topic [of] a graceless topic. I tell you will never know till you try, but if your topic is never mentioned everywhere – there is no forum, there is no website, empty – don't assume this is the niche that have not yet tilled. Might possibly there is no audience.

4. Jump out of blog to blog
I surprise with to the number of nice blogger there have not yet tilled with nice then suddenly started other blog and divided his/her output both mentioned blog. or worse next, they desisted their nice blog when develop momentum to start other blog. If you wish your long-range blogging must focuses at one blog to give opportunity for success.

5. Think blogging can make Money Easily
Many people that just enter blogosphere thinks that in a hour or one a couple of days they will sweep the world and get some thousand dollar one month or more. I sacrifice part-time blogging to get full-time production, but that not happened in last night. If you think that thing will happen at you in one week, a month or even six-month, you will be disappointed. That require [job/activity], specially at the beginning of, to develop blog that success, but there is reciprocation that make it make proper to fight for. If your time full [of] at this time and not prepare room regularly, and I intend routine job for your blog, you maybe have not yet when its to come into this game.

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