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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Virtual CD

kaynere said about virtual CD
at the end of in 2008 last time, I have discussed about back up CD by using clone CD with its excess and insuffiency. now I will discuss about virtual CD. Virtual CD that I mentioned is we not have Hardware CDROM however we can operate files that made as ISO file or other image like nrg extention, image file notching from nero, *.ccd that is image file notching clone CD, *.ixa that is image file notching Ulead Video Studio, *.dao notching image file duplicator, *.cdi image file notching discjuggler, *.dmg, *.hfs, and *.timg for image file that formed in macintosh system operation, and other image file.
Whereas for its applying the usual are used its case example like this. you got game file downloading from torrent,whereas you want to use game are referred as soon as possible because your eager desire as real gamer. though us have no CDRW or another burning hardware .for that's the importance of Virtual CD . there is two virtual CD that suggested friends from IT community. that is Daemon tool and Ultra ISO.both of them you can search it on google search. I'd preferred to use UltraISO. because besides as virtual CD, this UltraISO I can just use to make image file, compile files for made become CD or Burning Software.
you can get UltraISO Free Trial in

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Presiden Prabowo said...

jangan suka berantem ya nak!

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Hi Kaynere,
Wow umm.. wanna give you comments but really don't have idea with the CD lol. Hope you don't mind :p. yeah by the way just drop you a "hello" and have a nice day. hehe. Just hope you don't mind...

Aei Ween

Jason said...

Virtual CD.........not using that for quite some time. I want to keep hard disk space for other stuff :). Do drop by my blog and comment about my post. Exlinks??

sayv said...

hy.... visit night... gud blog... "Go BLOG" in yo'r scream ...... please yo'r cooperate....

LIZZIE said...

thanx for dropping by..

i see u have already have the entrecard.. so u must have read the e-book on how to use it ya.. it's just easy, take time to read the e-book and u'd get ahold of it in no time.

anyways, it wud also be easier if u have a shoutbox or a cbox in your blog. easier to leave comments as well..

consider it ya..


Jason said...

Dropping by again. Just to inform you that I've linked you up :)