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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tutorial ASUS EEPC Installation without CD/DVD Room

kaynere tried made tutorial way install windows xp at Asus EEE PC.
Limitation EEE PC one of them not haves CD/DVD internal rom. Thus if will install OS windows to replace OS Linux Xandros its wafting, we must use CD/DVD rom exksternal or use USB flashdisk.
If you have CD/DVD external rom, remain follow steps install such as those which is on manual book EEE PC.
For you that not have CD/DVD external rom, can use flashdisk with 1GB minimum capacities. Its price this time relatively inexpensive, about Rp50.000-60.000. In other hand you must a PC windows to make “Diskette” booting from mentioned flashdisk. And of course a CD installer windows XP.
Its step as follows :
1. Make “diskette” booting.
Download tools to make boot disk, tool name physdiskwrite.exe. Download here
Later, download image file boot disk here
Extract both result file download is referred at 1 directory.
Stick flashdisk to computer. Open Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer
Management -> Disk Management.
See at right window under, flashdisk that stuck mentioned have disk serial number how much/many. For example
read Disk 2. Note or keep in mind number is referred. Later, cover of computer window management and
administrative tools.
Open windows explorer. Opened depositary directory 2 file of extraction results mentioned download. Drag file
WXPBOOT.IMA and drop at file physdiskwrite.exe.
Will emerge window like comand prompt. Our mentioned Typing of disk number opens at disk window
management (mentioned taken example 2), and don't be wrong enter number because your harddisk that terformat. Then depress enter. Await a few seconds, process of disk writing boot at flashdisk will have.
2. Format EEE PC
After flashdisk boot finishes, tide flashdisk are referred [as] to EEE PC. Flame EEE PC, when emerge
logo ASUS EEE PC depresses Esc. Will emerge choice for booting from harddisk or USB flashdisk. Select
booting from USB flashdisk, later, enter. Await till you step into A prompt ( A:\ ).
Type fdisk later, enter. Emerge window for management harddisk. Delete all existing partitions at harddisk (there is 4 partition EEEs PC included). Later, create 1 single partition at harddisk. After
finish, exit from fdisk. At A prompt, type format C: /s later, enter. Await till format process
finish. Return to A prompt, type fdisk /mbr later, enter. File Copy himem.sys, config.sys, and
smartdrv.exe to drive C by order of :
copy himem.sys c:\
copy config.sys c:\
copy smartdrv.exe c:\
#note : every command line above terminated by depress enter.
From here EEE PC already can booting without flashdisk. Kill EEE PC and let-off flashdisk.
3. Make installer Windows XP
Format mentioned flashdisk uses PC. Copy folder I386 from CD installer windows xp to flashdisk.
Copy process will took a long moment time. After finish, you ready to installed windows at
4. Installing Windows
Tide containing flashdisk mentioned folder I386 to EEE PC. Flame EEE PC. Await till you enter
to C prompt ( C:\ ). Type smartdrv.exe later, enter. Move to drive where flasdisk that load
exists folder I386. To know drive name, type command :
dir D: later, enter
if read there is folder I386 then drive-its is D.
Otherwise, change D with E, until its command just like this :
dir E: later, enter
Ascertain read folder I386. Usually if drive D there is no, then flashdisk are read as drive E.
Change drive to drive that load folder I386. Its way at C prompt types D: later, enter or E:
later, enter (hung drive location that load folder I386).
Then move directory to I386 by order of cd I386 later, enter.
Type WINNT.EXE later, enter. From here there is remain follow steps install windows
as usual, follow command that come up in [screen/sail].
Some notes for install windows in EEE PC :
a. Remember capacities limited Harddisk (only 2GB or 4GB), suggested to modify
installer windows in order to become smaller its size. You can use application Nlite to conduct modification. I try modification, the result quite significant. File
installer Windows XP SP2 from initialy 580 MB become only 200 MB. If install ‘normal’ harddisk that used by windows around 1,3 GBs. Use installer modification result, harddisk that used by windows only around 700 MBs.
b. To maximize the usage of harddisk, follow the scent existing at manual book EEE PC.
c. Needed knowledge in language English when install, a few/little knowledge of DOS commands, and experience in install windows.
d. To update networked drivers, driver copy from CD support that figured in Asus into
flashdisk. Direct driver Update from flashdisk referred.
e. If you have question in this install windows, leave comment..
# important note : Use at your own risk! Irresponsible Writer to the all damage that maybe happened from usage this tutorial.

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