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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a Chinese story : to be effective and efficient

There is a Chinese story that I heard ...

One student said the teacher,
"Teacher, if I learn not only from you, but also teachers from the other, not science, I will be?"

The teacher smiled, sang softly students stare, and said,
"He is pursuing pursue two rabbits (at the same time), will not get a rabbit!"

The students are confused, and reflective;
"Is not 1 +1 = 2, and 2 +2 = 4? means 2 teachers + 2 = 4 science teachers? ".

The teacher, as it were, will be able to read his mind, to continue;
"In this life, not all the knowledge you learn will be used. Only a handful of knowledge that you will use to improve the quality of life. "

"Life is too short, to be able to learn all the sciences. When you learn all the science, and promiscuous science that's best for you, when you have the time to implement it? "

"The goal is not learning to learn, but to apply, for prosperity and happiness of men, and the community around you."

The students, with the mimic face serious, ask;
"Then, how can I get the best science, the greatest and quickly deliver on our success?"

The teacher, smiled back, and said with a soft,

"No teacher is the best, and do not have the best science. The best year, not necessarily in the future. "

"Then, who is the best?"

"All knowledge is good, provided the user with the appropriate knowledge. A match in talent, character, personality and the tendency of the users, will greatly determine the speed control is knowledge. "

"Rather than spend lots of time to search for knowledge, and then choose the best discrimination, is not it easier for you to find a teacher who is only appropriate, then you learn as much as possible, and deep-in, he's?"

The teachers end the conversation with a meditation.

"In life, more people appreciate the" many "rather than" in the. Which means more to you;
"A lot of business that makes the head swim, or a business that makes you great happiness?"
"A lot of projects that are not completed, or a compliment to get that job?
"A lot of knowledge that has not been applied, or one that produces a lot of knowledge?"

Ah, how simple life ..
Why should be complex?

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