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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Natural Resources Bacteria in the Body of Fish

Aquaculture Fisheries Development :
kaynere discussed about bacteria in the skin and body of fish.

One of the requirements to maintain the quality of fish is to chase away the source of decay a natural source of bacteria. In the body of the fish, the source of the bacteria found in the natural;
• surface of the skin mucus Justify Full
one of the functions of the skin on the fish is barred entry of bacteria and viruses in the network next to the meat. besides fish skin function to maintain the balance of acid and balance of salinity betwen body and media (hemostatis) and there is a pheromone that is used by
some fish to attract the opponent type, the skin of the fish enzyme and have materials that have a value of energy that can be used by bacteria and viruses. Then there is the skin of fish there are bacteria such as Aeromonas sp, Pseudomonas sp, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis
• gill
gill and skin of the fish net body that directly pertain to it's media life so that it is a potential attack against the bacteria. bacteria that attacks the gill of fish this is, among other Aeromonas Hydrophila, Flexibacter Sp, or
Edwardsiella Sp, Achromobacter sp, sp Flavobacter, Micrococcus and Bacillus

• Fill in the belly
there is a cavity in the fish organs that have functions such as digestion in the stomach and intestine. organ in this potential fell ill from the bacteria that originated material eaten fish and the bacteria that have been passing through the skin. addition, there are positive bacteria (my term for the bacteria that have a value to) the duty to process the remaining food and feces to be removed through the anus

On the big fish, tuna fish, for example, is the layer of mucus that is available in the entire body surface of fish is to use a rake with a foam rubber (sponge), which has drabble water. Mop or wipe with a way not until the skin becomes damaged.

Discard the gill is a way to open the gill sheath is there in the back of the mouth, and then cut the base of gill in both the head and dragging them in and out.
Meanwhile, to remove stomach contents of fish have been part of the under belly of the fish must be teared. Tear on the stomach may be shortly, that does not deform.

Activities to remove sources of natural bacteria before, especially gill remove and dispose of stomach contents is called weeding. So weeding is separate intestine and gill of the fish body. With the source of the decayed bacteria, the freshness of fish can be kept for All may be the remnants of blood on a big fish should be cleaned, including gland lympha attached below the spine. Intestine and gill that has been issued, should be thrown far, do not muck up the fish that have not already done, and weeding.

Especially on large fish, fish with the weeding gut and gill will be able to extend the lasting power. If weeding can be done while the fish is still alive, the blood will be pumped out perfect and the fish's body as a result will be meat and fish more white color. Need weeding followed by washing with a perfect hole in the stomach and gill net and using cold water. 

Aquaculture Fisheries Development.

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