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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sketch and Pattern of State Emergency Ship


Sketch of emergency is necessary in the boat. The purpose and objectives of the blueprint is the creation of an emergency that can be implemented in an organized and appropriate planning. Things that need to be in the making of emergency will blueprint outlined in the following sections.
1. Planning and Preparation

Planning and preparation is the main requirement for achieving successful implementation of an emergency. Captain and crew must be able to quickly and take the right decision what to do to overcome all kinds of emergencies, such as a fire in the engine room, people fall into the sea, etc..

Data / information required are:

a. Type, amount and the load
b. Is there a liquid chemical that is dangerous
c. General Arrangement and stability info
d. Plan of fire equipment.

2. Emergency Organization

An organization of emergency should be prepared for an emergency operation. The purpose and objectives of the organization for each situation are to:
a. Turn signal
b. Find and estimate the size of the incident and
c. Possible danger
d. Organize labor and equipment.
There are four planning guides that need to be followed in organizing an emergency, such as:

a. Command Center.
Groups that control the activities under the command of captain or senior officer and has an internal and external communication device.
b. Emergency Unit.
Group under a senior officer who can appraise the situation, to report to central command, recommend what action should be taken.
c. Support Unit.
Support groups are led by a senior officer to be always ready to help with the main group of central command and provide assistance such as equipment, supplies, medical assistance, etc..
d. The Engine Group.
This group, led by a machinist. Main responsibility is in the engine room and can provide assistance when needed.

3. Action Introduction

Find someone who must turn in an emergency alarm, report to the officer's guard officer and try to keep up the organization. Meanwhile, in a location that is immediately taking measures to control the situation until taken over by the organization of emergency. Everyone should know where the place and what its duties, including support groups should stand by waiting for the next command.

4. Ship Fire Alarm

When the danger of fire in the ship, the fire alarm should be pronounced, followed by a long blast with some time between no less than 10 seconds.

5. Placement sketch Fire Tools

Sketch fire equipment must be installed on the fixed place that is easily viewed from each deck.

6. Supervision and Maintenance

Due to fire equipment must be always ready for use at any time, then the need to check periodically and implemented by the senior officer responsible for maintenance / repair and so forth.

7. Exercise

To maintain the skills and readiness of Crew, the exercise should be conducted regularly and continuously. If you have the opportunity to conduct joint exercises with units of fire fighting on land, it should be done in the exchange of information both about the amount and location of a fire extinguisher in order to expedite implementation in the case of a fire in the ship or other emergency. Profit organization created an emergency response, among others:

  • Duties and responsibilities is not too heavy, because it solved together by the different groups.
  • Duties and responsibilities can be written in a clear, therefore, can reduce the actions that are less disciplined.
  • Only one command, so that commands, instructions and other more effective, organized, integrated and avoid uncertainty.
  • Can avoid a formal hierarchy that exists in each institution / agency, as the share of the necessary fields have been incorporated into one organization.
  • In the event of a failure in performing the task, this may soon be back for repair.
  • With the organization of emergency, all individuals are related


Emergency response is based on an integrated system that is capable of applied activity or emergency response efforts are fast, precise and restrained the support from related institutions and human resources and facilities available.

1. Understanding the pattern of benefits Emergency Response

a. Prevent (a) the possibility of damage due to expansion of an emergency incident.
b. The damage-damage to materials and environment
c. Can control the situation (Under Control).

2. Steps In anticipating Emergency

To anticipate the state of emergency so required several steps, including:

a. Data Collection

In the face of each ship in an emergency always decided that action will be done to overcome the events will need to be data to which an emergency can be dangerous to humans (sailor), ship and environment and how it adapted to the facilities and infrastructure available.

Things that should be identified at the time of collection, including:
  • Level of damage ship
  • boat safety Disorders
  • Safety man
  • load condition
  • The damage to the environment
  • Likely harm to the boat dock or other
b. Tools

Equipment or facilities and infrastructure that will be used in compliance with an emergency situation experienced with the ability to observe ships and men to escape from a state of emergency until normal conditions return.

Officer or child fruit ships involved in the operation of emergency should be able to work with other parties which, when needed (the dock, another boat / SAR team).

The types of equipment that is used in an emergency are:
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Fireman Outfit
  • communication tool
  • Alarm
  • sedan
  • and others, tailored to the emergency.
c. Working Mechanism

Each ship has teams on duty in the planning and implementation of the emergency. Aspects of the actions that must be taken at the time of emergency and discussed with the control port, a fire extinguisher, tool state and other institutions related to the guidance staff, preparation of procedures and responsibilities, organization, systems, communications, central control, inventory detail and location. Procedure and the actions to be taken include:
  • Preparation, the preparation steps required in handling the emergency and is based on the type of incident.
  • Procedure practical handling of events that must be followed by some of the activities in an integrated part.
  • Organization of the solid lines of communication and responsibility answered.
  • Implementation of an effective and integrated.

The above procedure must include all kinds of emergencies and must be properly understood by the managers who are trained regularly and can be carried out properly. Overall activity is up in the workplace is a mechanism that would both easily be followed by each of the management of the ship. Active crew ship is very much dependent on the individual's ability to understand the mechanism of work there.

Mechanism of work created in the emergency situation of course is very different from the normal situation: high-mobility, can not be limited by time because of the demands of safety.

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