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Tuesday, April 14, 2009



When the ship in danger and need help, or need to use the hint-hint that required by international regulations, as specified in the Regulations on the Prevention collision Sea 1972 with 1993 Amendments.

If necessary to attract the other ships, each ship can use a light cue, sound cue, flag signaling and radio signaling with the Telegraph and radio telephone not err in these rules. Any hint that is used to draw attention both to the ship or the crew and passengers must be such that can not be confused with other navigation aids.


1. General Signaling Danger

Appropriate international regulations, the signal/hint danger following can be used in general to ship in the sea, among others:

a. A weapons explosion or bursting of water beckon heard at approximately 1 (one) minute.
b. Beep that heard continuously by aircraft flagman fog.
c. Rocket or missiles bearing light that shouted a red stars emit with a short lapse of time.
d. Signaling that is made by radio telegraph or other signaling system which consists of a group SOS of Morse code.
e. Signaling that emanated using radio phone which consists of the spoken word "MEDE."
f. International Code signaling danger is that with the NC.
g. Code cue sheet which consists of a square flag in the top or something that resembles a ball.
h. Fire in the ship (for example, who came from a barrel of oil is switched on)
i. Rocket parachute flare or hand that emit red light.
j. Hint of smoke that spread smoke a number of orange (orange)
k. Ascending down arms to the obstructed side is slowly and repeatedly.
l. Signaling an alarm radio telegraph
m. Phone radio alarm signaling
n. Emanated by the signaling beacon radio beacon-position emergency instructions.

3. Emergency Actions

a. Certificate Danger Or Emergency

In an emergency or danger of each crew must act in accordance certificate emergency conditions, therefore, an emergency certificate always be made and the entire crew. ship's emergency certificate need to hang in a strategic, appropriate, easily seen and easily read by all seafarer.

Details of the procedure in an emergency, such as:

a. Specific tasks that must be by others in an emergency every child by the ship.
b. Emergency Certificate besides show where specific tasks, and place (where the crew must go).
c. Emergency Certificate for every passenger had to be set by the government.
d. Before the ship departs, emergency certificate must be made and a copy swing on a strategic place in the ship, especially in Crew room
e. Certificate in the state of emergency is also given a different division of tasks for each Crew (eg: close watertight doors, lifeboat down, set up equipment the fire department, etc.).
f. In addition, in an emergency certificate mentioned specific tasks done by children who ship the fruit Basic (cook, waitress, etc.).
g. In the case of the fire, emergency certificate provide guidance ways that are usually occur in a fire occurs, and the specific tasks that must be implemented in conjunction with the extinction of the operation, equipment and installation of fire in the ship.
h. Emergency certificate must distinguish specifically motto-motto for Crew call to gather in the lifeboat they each, in the raft or place to gather extinguish a fire.

2. Danger signaling occurred at the General Ship

Consistent with the possibility of a ship in emergency situations signaling danger that can happen is public:

a. Signaling a fire (or sounds an alarm bell; one short and one long continuously.
b. G signaling cox / leave the ship (or pipe bell chime; seven short and one long continuously)
c. Signaling the fall of the sea (yelling "Due To The Sea", throw preserver, to report to Keep pilot, Raising International flag letter "O").
d. Other signaling danger (hint-hint that is considered very necessary and urgent in a situation / state of emergency, outside the provisions that have been set).


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