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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Create read more for new blogger

finally I have to make posting read more on how to create my own.
why ? because every my post that are too long and I want to short, so I need to make this read more. although I'm a forgetful, forget even the storage of results from blogs that I've saved, I better find through google. and the results will create a blog or web is always increased rating. I better make your own posting
I like this:
- Login to sign in blogger
- Go to the link layout
- Go to edit html
- Be sure to mark the edit widgets expand, in order to make editing the template as a whole
Enter the following code before the tag

or after the appropriate code

like this:

so that the next posting was cut off, search this code in your template
add the
following code right underneath:

so cut off, every time you post, click on the section and write
<code>&lt;span class="fullpost"&gt; to finish posting the rest . To add this code, when you need to post in Edit HTML mode not in Compose

so now I do not need to seek out more on how to make read more, just go to the link in my own


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